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Your range is provided so that you have the flexibility to eat where you need/want to. You will lose weight anywhere within your range. I've pretty consistently eaten at the top of my range since day 1, and I think the results speak for themselves.

8/5/12 7:33 P

Over the week, you want to have your 7-day average hit the middle of your range.

So if you're at the low end on one day, and the high end on another day, it averages out. Typically, the middle of your range is effective for weight loss, but it's best to think about hitting the target over a week or a month rather than each day.

Slow weight loss (1-2 lbs per week) is more effective and easier to maintain over time. Extremely rapid weight loss generally tends to make people quit and regain (sometimes more than they lost in the first place). Think of this more as a real lifestyle change than a diet, where this is something you'll keep doing for life.

8/5/12 7:22 P

Do you usually eat at the top of your calorie range? I seem to be close to it almost every day and I'm wondering if this is a bad thing. This is week 2 for me and the first week I only lost a pound and a half. I would be happy with that if it wasn't my first week. In the past, on all the plans I was on, I usually lost 5-7 lbs. the first week and then 1-3 lbs. per week after that. I'm just wondering if I'm eating too much and should try to stay closer to my minimum calories. Thanks!

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