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You can change your fitness goal as often as you like. Change it to 200 for this week and see if your range goes up, and follow that range. If it does increase, the change will most likely be very minimal (around 10-20 calories per day). Then switch it back to 0 tomorrow when you're not working out, and continue following the original range until you start adding exercise again. There's no limit to how often you can change your fitness goal, and you can always change it just to see how it affects the range, and then change it back. A single 200 calorie workout isn't going to do much to your caloric needs.

I'd just stick with your regular range, maybe eat a little toward the upper end of that range if you're feeling especially hungry.

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I haven't been working out regularly and don't have scheduled times that I can work out. Some weeks are higher than others and some are very low

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3/1/12 7:18 P

No, but you should add your average weekly burn into your fitness goals. That will recalculate your range, if needed.

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If my range starts at 1320 (and that is where i usually eat) and I do cardio and burn, say, 200 calories,should I be adding those calories onto what I eat that day (meaning I would be eating 1520)?

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