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12/5/13 8:13 P

Congrats on your 30# loss and emoticon with your tracking! You will never regret the time you've invested in tracking your nutrition because you'll see patterns over time and it will all begin to make sense. After a while (well, okay, longer than a while) you'll intuitively give your body what it needs to stay healthy while you reach your weight goals. And you WILL reach your goal!!

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12/5/13 12:24 P

Calorie intake confuses the heck out of me.

Be observant and experiment with the amount of calories you take in. It will change as you loose more weight. As the previous poster suggested see how 1,700 calories per day works.

It is important to note that exercise is a vital piece of weight management. It helps boost your metabolism, build beautiful muscle, and it can actually stiffen hunger ( man I worked to hard to eat that brownie!).

Now this is more of my opinion but I also believe that the foods we eat are perhaps more important then the amount of calories we eat. A food that will raise your blood glucose level will end up being stored as fat.
Best of luck with your goals!

12/3/13 8:28 P

As you lose large amounts of weight your calorie range will go down; there is less of you.

Another possible cause....
When you updated your program, you may have changed the rate of weight loss; the amount you want to lose weekly. Or you set your goal date with less time. Then you would have to cut calories more to meet the goal.

If you are doing well on 1700---then stay there.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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12/3/13 7:55 P

I'm down 30 lbs since June! I'm tacking everything religiously. I want to lose 90 lbs, but decided to break it down into "doable" steps. My first goal was set to be at 200. I made that then updated my goal weight to 175. Now my calorie goal is 1250 -1550 where prior to that my calorie intake was 1550-1750. Why did it go down? I'd like to stay at the 1700 range and continue on my fitness levels.

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