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2/8/12 12:54 P

By "Advanced Challenge" exercise, do you mean strength training? Those will not show calories burned as it is too hard to estimate calories burned from strength training for a whole host of reasons. So, since SP doesn't calculate ST calories burned, they won't show up as calories burned through exercise in your reports. That doesn't mean that they don't burn calories, or that you shouldn't do them, though. As long as you're working out and staying in your nutritional ranges provided by SP, you will lose weight. The calorie differential chart isn't the be all end all, and it's merely an educated guess, anyway.

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2/8/12 12:54 P

@HBBOARDER- Are you tracking strength or cardio? SP will only calculate calories burned for cardio exercises, not strength. There are too many variables as to how much each person would burn doing ST to estimate the calories burned..

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2/8/12 12:48 P

How do you get this to work? I entered the daily calories, and set the exercise tracker as completing the advanced challenge exercises. But exercise shows up as ZERO on my differential report. How do I get it to show the exercise calories???

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1/5/12 8:43 A

I think this has been said, but if you go to your reports tab, there is a report for Daily Calorie Differential. This shows you what your BMR is and what your daily exercise calories burn was and subtracts that from your eaten calories to show your deficeit for that day.

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1/5/12 4:38 A

I kinda like the BMR calculator at as a means of seeing the impact of different activity multipliers. Spark assumes a 20% multiplier for a sedentary lifestyle.

The marathoner example is perhaps not the best one in terms of lifestyle, as the marathoner would be tracking their training as exercise, rather than lifestyle. A better example would be a very physical job, like a construction worker (to take an extreme example) who breaks their leg and is stuck behind a desk for a couple of months.


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1/4/12 11:30 P

I'm sorry I misunderstood "Do I need to go to a different site to see how many calories I burn and to track the defict eating vs working out."

I'm not really sure what possible other connotations there are of that, though, other than that you'd like to see the deficit created when you subtract workout calories from what you've eaten.

Perhaps before criticising people for misunderstanding your questions, you should re-read what you actually WROTE.

SQUINCHA Posts: 19
1/4/12 2:14 P

Yes Deb,

I was not asking how to subtract.

I was looking for the results of the initial BMR calcs. which normally include a multiplier for lifestyle activity. If your lifestyle dramaticly changes ie: you just went from being a marathoner to having two broken legs, the multiplier would change.
I was having difficulty accessing this page to change the imput data from my first visit here 3 years ago.

Thanks Coach Nancy you understood my question and i also found a link to the formula Spark uses.

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1/4/12 1:18 P

Calories eaten minus workout caloies burned tells you absolutely nothing of any use whatsoever.

You do not need this figure. It's entirely useless.

What you need to subtract from calories eaten is your calories burned not only through exercise, but also through BMR and daily activity. Spark adds both BMR and daily activity together as "BMR" on the aforementioned report. You can see your food minus that and your exercise.

Food minus just purely exercise only is an entirely useless figure.

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1/3/12 5:44 P


Your calorie range is based on your gender, height, current weight, goal weight, time frame to meet your goal weight and activity. Know that SparkPeople uses an active daily living multiplier when computing your range so you should not track ordinary activities such as cleaning, shopping, working, etc. To see the number of calories you are to expend each week, go to your Start Page (in the My Trackers drop down menu in the upper left hand corner of your page) and then scroll down to the My Goals and Progress section (left hand side in the orange column) and where it reads calories burned-the figure listed below the graph is the number of calories you need to burn each week to meet your goal.

If you would like to see your daily calorie differential report, just go to your My Trackers in the upper left hand corner of your page and click reports from the drop down menu and this will bring up all your various reports including your single day calorie differential report.

I hope this helps!
Coach Nancy

SQUINCHA Posts: 19
1/3/12 5:30 P

Do I need to go to a different site to see how many calories I burn and to track the defict eating vs working out. I know I entered my hight and weight when I started but I cant see how many calories Sparkpeople came up with. Please HELP I'm so frustrated.
Can enter food and enter fitnes activity but can see normal calories and track cals in vs out.
I got to think it is here?!?!

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