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1/13/13 12:05 P

like everyone e;se said its more time consuming but doing your own food nutritional info is better in the long run. finding the value for my morning coffee used to pain my butt good but after i figured out what each measurement was worth i was able to just put coffee in my favorites with the whole value instead of track each individual ingredient and it was alot more accurate then what was listed

YLLWROSE86 SparkPoints: (976)
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1/13/13 11:56 A

If the info doesnt match, I just enter my own

SIRENSONGS SparkPoints: (57,040)
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1/12/13 12:38 P

I've noticed that too, but I usually either keep searching until I find a match, or enter in my own info. It might be more time consuming, but accuracy is more important, I feel.

EXPOGIRL50 SparkPoints: (7,094)
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1/12/13 12:20 P

I've noticed that too.

SMLAPINSKI SparkPoints: (5,235)
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1/12/13 11:39 A

Sometimes, it pays off to continue going down the list and looking at the nutritional info until you find the one that matches what you have. I can usually find one, but it make take a little while.

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1/12/13 11:32 A

Like Zenandnow said...just create your own food and stick it into your "Favorites". I've done that many times with lots of foods. It's a pain, but...

ZENANDNOW SparkPoints: (68,476)
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1/12/13 11:00 A

I've noticed this problem as well. I don't know where folks are getting their nutritional information for these products. There is button which asks you if the information is correct or not, usually found at the top of the nutritional info. pages. Just click it and list the correct nutritional information (calories, sodium, vitamins, etc) and Submit this information. Now whether doing this corrects the information or not is unknown. I strongly suspect that this nutritional correction link is just to earn a SparkPoint.

The best solution is to enter/submit your own product information into the database. Take your box of Wasa crispbread and input the nutritional data from the box. Be sure to save that info to your Favorites list so you will always have accurate information. That is exactly what I do, since you cannot rely on what other folks have submitted (for whatever reason).

ARTATTACK40 SparkPoints: (256)
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1/12/13 9:52 A

I am having a problem finding the correct info to put in my tracker. For instance, "Wasa multigrain crispbread" also known as a cracker is 60 calories according to the package. There are over 20 entries for that cracker and a lot of them list 45 calories. Is there a way to edit out the redundant posts and have the calorie count show in the title before trying to add it to my log and then seeing the count is under what it supposed to be? The calories don't show until you commit to the choice and then you have to keep searching. There are so many posts for the same thing and many of them are incorrect. I also encountered that for "chicken breast", plain, not fried or breaded and the listing said it was 85 calories. It is really about 270 calories according to many other internet sources. When the calorie counts are off by that much for what should be a universal item, it will throw off your whole food diary.

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