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1/2/14 5:58 P

Thank you for the website that was very helpful

1/2/14 5:30 P

Oh yes, a couple other things.

The USDA food data base takes many samples of the same cut of meat. Then analyzes these samples and takes an average. Therefore I find it very reliable when a meat label does not contain the actual analysis.

Also, if members find inaccuracies in our SP database, we ask that you report these so we can keep our site as accurate as possible. Thanks for your help


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1/2/14 5:27 P

I think it may partly be due to the fact that meat varies in fat content according to breed of animal, and different places have different preferences - some cultures like the fattier meat - I like the very lean. I don't get the marbled-looking meat because that marbling is from fat - altho' having said that, the fat CAN increase the juiciness and flavour.

I don't use the SP meats, but instead get my nutritional analysis from the New Zealand Meat Board


1/2/14 5:26 P

The base of our Sparkpeople food database (not member entered) comes from the USDA food database. It is very reliable and accurate. I would suggest you use a 3 ounce portion of T-Bone steak as the closest to your NY strip.

If you want to be even more specific go to the USDA site. You can select the type of steak consumed, the amount of fat that the cut has been trimmed to, if it is lean and fat, or just lean, etc, etc.

Let me know if you need more help.

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1/2/14 4:35 P

For any type of fresh food, its probably better to rely on the entries that are NOT made by other users - user entries always have the user name next to them. The core Sparkpeople database comes from the USDA nutrition database, which has been the basis for every calorie tracking/diet program for decades. If you're not sure you've found the right item in the SP database, try searching here: . This is the "master list" for nutrition in the U.S., and I would consider it the be the most reliable source for these things.

Of course, the biggest factor with alot of meat cuts is the amount of fat that is trimmed or left. So you may get several options that vary by trimmed fat, but the entry should list that clearly if its relevent, e.g., "trimmed to 1/4 inch" or "trimmed to 0 inches fat."

With fresh cuts of beef or pork, you might also have to figure out what to call it, in either database. For instance, a NY strip is another name for a top loin steak. So if you don't find an "official" entry for a cut under one name in either database, you may have to figure out what else it might be called. For instance, hamburger is probably called "ground beef" and filet mignon is called "tenderloin". I have no idea why butchers and packers make up different names :)

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1/2/14 4:02 P

ask at the counter. all major grocery chains have that info in pamphlet form. if you can't find it they know where it is. just remember that unless that info specifically states how it is cooked, it should be for raw food. so you'd need to weigh raw for accuracy.

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1/2/14 2:53 P

if that is the case, you may have to guesstimate. my red meat has virtually no fat in it since i only eat 100 green fed (my meat has no marbleization of any kind) I don't touch pork-- pigs can never eat clean. Chicken as long as it is green fed as well or free range. for fish i only eat fresh fish and not farmed. It takes a bit of looking but i would rather not have all the GMO crap or added fat.

find a site you trust for calories. I personally have very little trust in this site. I don't typically look at calories since i eat mostly fruit and veggies.

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1/2/14 12:11 P

I buy a lot of my meat and seafood fresh from the meat and seafood department. A lot of them do not have nutrution lables on them. When I look in the spark people database and online I see a large variation in calorie and fat content. For example I was looking at the top loin NY strip. Calorie counts for 3 ounces of meat ranged from 100 calories to 240. That is a big difference. How do I know which enteries are accurate? Thanks for any help/ advice you can give.

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