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JILLRY03 Posts: 72
8/1/13 12:12 P

Thank you for asking this question!! I have been wondering about this as well! All the answers have been very helpful!! Thanks again!

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8/1/13 9:20 A

another thing to keep in mind is that often times places like that cook in butter or oil, so don't forget to add that if you're adding it in individually.

Otherwise, I second the chain restaurant thing. Or Google it. Sometimes non-chain restaurants post their nutritional information, although that is rare, but they'll most likely list the basic ingredients so you'll know what to track.

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7/31/13 11:48 P

ok cool. that's what I've been doing but I think I've been way under on some stuff (good hamburgers are not good on my waist :) )

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7/31/13 11:05 P

usually what I do is look for a chain place that has a similar dish and use that entry, or I break it down based on my best guesstimates by ingredient. If I do the latter, I ALWAYS make sure to save it as a "group" in my tracker so I have the info saved in case I eat there again.

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7/31/13 8:01 P

I'm wondering.. I went to a local place today to eat and forgot to ask for nutrition information (I highly doubt they even have a list honestly) How do you go about estimating? The question's the same for parties or carry ins where the foods are homemade.

and feel free to ask your own questions and keep it going


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