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8/22/10 7:41 P

Same method I use.
It works.

MIRWYN Posts: 1,366
8/22/10 6:28 P

I make four servings of steel cut oats at a time. I use the dry measurement since all I ever add is water. I then weigh the final product in grams then divide by four to get my 'serving size' that equates with the dry measurements. I make sure each portion is this gram measurement. For me it was the easiest way to make sure I was getting the correct counts.

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8/22/10 4:40 P

It will be difficult to find accurate nutritional information on cooked steel cut oats because while I might like my steel cut oats very thick with very little 'soup', but you might prefer yours with more liquid. Therefore the 1 cup of dry oats I start with will yield a smaller volume of cooked oats than you might get cooked to your preference. Make sense? You will get a more accurate calorie count if you start with the dry measure.

As a rule of thumb, 1 cup of steel cut oats will yield 3 cups cooked, but again, it depends on your preferences.

8/22/10 4:29 P

The directions show how to make 4 servings (1 cup oats to 2 cups water). If you make that, and create 4 servings from it, you'll have 1 serving= 150 calories= 1/4 cup dry.

I just made 4 servings earlier today, which gives me 4 quick breakfasts for this week.

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8/22/10 4:20 P

I use McCanns and it can be confusing. (But oh so delicious.
I entered it as follows
1 cup
150 calories
2.5 fat
27 carbs
4 protein
Hope this helps!

NIRERIN Posts: 14,302
8/22/10 3:40 P

measure it out. make just the 1/4 cup, and if that yield is one cup you have your answer. write down your yield and you can just use that info later on if you change the amount.

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8/22/10 3:37 P

many products are badly declared I don't purchase anything that I have to look on the internet for..

Food declarations in denmark demand.

nutrition pr. 100 grams..

the calories/ carbs have to be declared

the protein value
the carbs value
the fat
and fiber etc...

I enter all my foods manually by the values of 100 grams.. I weigh and measure my foods- this gives me correct values I can use..

If a item doesn't have a declaration in order of items used to make it I will also not buy it.. the ingredients should be listed with the items the product contains most of and down wards from here..

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SFISHER8 Posts: 1
8/22/10 3:22 P

I've been looking all over the internet and am very confused! what is the calorie count for cooked steel cup oats? I have been eating 1 cup cooked and people online have been saying its 150 to 300 calories....I would love to know for sure

I am using McCanns regular steel cut oats and the directions say 1 cup oats to 4 cups water and that 1/4 cup of oats equals 150 i am assuming its really 150 cals for one cup? But if anyone could clarify this I would appreciate it!

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