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I am always cautious with women's weight loss if you only have a few weeks' data because our bodies fluctuate so much with our cycle, so knowing if we are losing or not is hard unless we have a couple MONTHS of data.

The truth is, I think it's important that we don't focus a TON on the calories unless we are stalling in our weight loss or losing way of quickly. Eat when you are hungry. Choose healthful foods. Then stop when you are full- not sick, not saturated, not disgusted, but full and satisfied and happy. If that means for you eating more, then eat more. Food is good. Enjoy it! I always eat at the low end of my ranges because I am just not very hungry. Some days though I am really hungry and I eat more! It doesn't matter to me so much. I am now in maintenance mode and I am building muscle.

Do what you think is best, basically. Listen to your body.

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You have a range for a reason. USE it! Experiment with what works. Losing that first 6 lbs was likely just water weight; we often lose a bunch in the beginning as our body sheds water in response to our healthier choices.

Use your range. You won't gain eating at the high end of the range! In fact, check out this thread FULL of people who ate more, and started losing weight:

It's also time to ditch the diet mentality. No more deprivation and diets. Diets don't work! This is healthy living, for life:

In fact, the more you exercise, the more you will need to eat to support that exercise!

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2/4/13 11:59 A

I have only been sparking for about 3 weeks. I have the calorie range of 1200-1500. In the past when I have "dieted" I have always been told to stay within 1200 cals to lose weight. I have been very good about exercising, although I could make room for more. Additionally, I have lost 8 lbs from the start. My question is would it be more beneficial for me to eat more, or since I am losing does that mean that I am within the correct range. I lost 6 lbs. the very first week but have only lost 2 since. I want to adhere to a food plan that I can live with for life not one that I consider a " diet" Would adding more calories of healthy food be beneficial or detrimental? emoticon

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