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3/27/13 8:03 P

It sounds to me like the trainer is wanting you to UNDEReat for what you do, but the best way to find out is to make sure that all your information on SP is correct - gender; height; weight; exercise; age. Be guided by what comes up as your recommended range.

I would also be inclined to ask your Trainer what qualifications he has in nutrition! If need be, you would be better to seek the help of a qualified Registered Dietitian.


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3/27/13 7:22 P

it would be a lot! still it sounds like you have a very active lifestyle, which is awesome, so make sure you enter all of your exercise into your spark setup and it will give you a calorie range. And I would not be afraid to eat at the top of that range given your activity.

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3/27/13 6:22 P

No, NAUSIKAA, not per day, that would be physically and mentally insane! Yikes! No, I HIIT run/elliptical 3-4 times per week maximum.

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3/27/13 11:26 A


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3/27/13 11:06 A

3-4 hours of high intensity exercise per day?

1800 cals is likely not enough.

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3/27/13 8:41 A

Thank you, DRAGONCHILDE, that definitely relieves me a bit. Any other thoughts out there? I just want to be sure I'm eating enough so my metabolism doesn't suffer!

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3/26/13 2:10 P

Unless that trainer is also a registered dietician, you can safely ignore his recommendations. In general, unless specifically trained and certified to do so, personal trainers should not be giving out diet advice. I think that you're spot on with your intake, and what he suggests would end up slowing your metabolism and not making it possible to support your high activity level.

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3/26/13 2:04 P

Hi! So, I'm just wanting a bit of input/confirmation/opinions/whatever concerning my exercise & diet combination. I'm on the quest to lose 5-10 vanity pounds and really tone up/gain muscle. I'm a yoga instructor and teach 6 hours of vinyasa flow classes per week, 4 hour of which are hot yoga practices. In addition, I've just started working with a personal trainer, and we meet 2 hours a week for HIIT cardio-strength work. Then, on my own, I do HIIT on the treadmill for 50 minutes 3-4 times a week, elliptical 2-3 times a week, and stationary bike 1-2 times a week, plus I'm really striving to increase my time walking/on my feet, and next week, I'll add in 30 minutes of resistance training at home 4 times a week. Using SparkPeople to track my calories has really helped me become more mindful of how much I'm consuming, and I've averaged around 1800 calories or so a day. Today, my trainer looked over my food log, and initially, he encouraged me to try to drop my calories down between 1600 and 1700, which I found daunting and even frightening/semi-impossible, because I have a large appetite, love to eat, and don't want to feel like I have to cut out higher-calorie carbs/fat. Once I mentioned my concerns, he noted, too, with how active I am, so long as I'm under 2000 I should be fine. Opinions? Am I eating too little, too much, or just enough? I want to be sure I'm fueling my body properly and that I don't fall back into restrictive eating patterns of my past. I want this physical to be a positive experience, not a negative one. Any insight or ideas would be very much appreciated! Thank you!

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