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12/9/11 8:45 A

I'm diabetic, too. Type II Adult on-set.
You should read my blog called "The Disease No One Wants To Talk About"

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12/8/11 9:04 P

To those that commented, thank you for your advice and input. I AM diabetic. I am taking meds for a thyroid condition and I may be consuming too few calories per day. I'll have to do more research and of course give things more time.
I really appreciate the insight!!

12/8/11 10:24 A

Totally treatable, I have a thyroid problem and since I started taking meds several years ago I dropped weight.

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12/8/11 9:59 A

When I started this (@250 lbs, 5'6", 37), I was eating only about 1200 calories per day and burning about 250 calories during exercise, and I dropped the lbs really fast... my point is that the weight loss stall or starvation mode is not always true for everyone, even though it might be a possibility.

However, have you checked your insulin levels and your thyroid? High insulin levels and a slow thyroyd prevent weight loss. It is possible that there could be a problem with them that is preventing you from losing weight. Try to check with a doctor, and if there is actually a problem with them, it is easily treatable.

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12/8/11 5:54 A

When you start/increase working out, it is pretty common for your muscles to retain water (it takes 3 water molecules to bond to each glycogen molecule, and this can help deliver energy to your muscles more efficiently, and helps them cope better with the new demands you are making of them).

In the short term, this can lead to little or no change in the scale, even as you are burning fat.

However, muscle and water are considerably denser than fat, and typically this shows up as inches lost, even if the scale is being unco-operative. If you haven't been measuring to date, are you noticing your clothes fitting better.

Over a few weeks, creating too much of a calorie deficit can lead to the body trying to close the gap by slowing your metabolism, sacrificing muscle to preserve fat stores longer, etc. This can make your longer term fat loss harder.

You should definitely be eating at the recommended range.


12/8/11 5:44 A

Calorie Calculator - Daily Caolorie Needs

I put you in at 45 years old (you didn't mention how old you were) & I put in Basal Metabolic Rate which means no exercise just daily life.

To maintain your weight you need 2,096 calories per day.

At the rate your consuming calories (1700/day) you would reach 190#s during the fall of 2013.

My point is that it takes time. I'm sorry your hips are bad, perhaps there are other ways to exercise.

For me, I'd be very carefule to NOT starve myself because when I skip a meal especially at night my weight either doesn't move or goes up a bit. Our bodies are like cars, we constantly need fuel to keep it running (just not too much fuel where it overflows and spills out of the tank).

All the info I got from the link above and a little research on that site.

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12/7/11 11:21 P

I'm male, 5'10" 265#'s, average caloric intake 1700/day

12/7/11 6:44 P

LHillery: are you a man or woman? how tall are you? about how much do you weight now? what's your current calorie intake?

all of this info would help us greatly to help you.


OBBOTR Posts: 5
12/7/11 6:10 P

I'm not sure I'm in the right discussion but I don't get it. I've reduced caloric intake (for the most part) and I am at the same weight for the last two weeks. I'm not giving up (no where near that) but cummon....not even one pound? I have really bad hips so it's hard for me to do any physical activity. What should I do? I want and NEED to lose this weight. Help me out fellas.....

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10/14/11 12:02 P


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9/29/11 8:50 A

Lack of calories also causes your body to get what it needs from muscle tissue, so fat percentage goes up. I try to get 1600 calories a day net, that is after subtracting exercise (I eat 2400 cal, exercise burns 800, net 1600).

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9/28/11 7:30 P

Your lack of proper caloric is forcing your body to store everything you eat and ration it out on its own terms. Following the recommended intake will allow you to loose weight. Going above or significantly below it on a regular basis will defeat your purpose.

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9/28/11 5:26 P

I am sure this has been posted before but I cannot find it. I have been committed to losing weight in the past and have been somewhat successful. I have started back to SparkPeople and I normally keep my caloric intake below the 1500-1850 (1300ish) that I am supposed to have. It is really frustrating to weigh myself and not see the scale move. I was wondering if that I am not getting my recommended calories would that really slow sown any weight loss that I am looking for? Has anyone else experienced this and if so, what have you done to get the weight moving down once again?

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