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10/5/13 5:00 P

Thank you so much Becky. I must be doing something right since I am losing. :)

10/5/13 11:23 A

Your body is not going to go into starvation mode on 1200-1500 calories.
If you are not hungry, then eat at the 1200 amount.
Average hunger, then you will probably be eating around 1300-1500.
There may be days when you are more hungry and eating 1600-1800..."but" when you average out the 7 day intake---I bet you will still be within your 1200-1500 calorie range.


10/3/13 11:29 P


What if I end up eating less than 1500 a day? Some days I don't reach that. I work out for 70-90 minutes monday-friday, and lately I have been doing 30 min of cario on sat & sun. So I've been working out everyday. I just don't want my body to go into "starvation" mode and store anything. During the week I do a mix of cardio and resistance. Thank you for you advice.

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9/24/13 9:31 P

I use a protein drink sometimes in the morn too. I eat1/2 a banana before I workout, then the protein drink which has carbs too about 30 minutes after I finish. Protein will keep you full longer and requires more calories for the body to make use of it. Most days I prefer real food after my exercise is done.

9/24/13 8:48 P

We have 2 programs at Sparkpeople and the one you are using is over-estimating your calorie needs for your workout days.

If you want, I encourage you to switch to the other Sparkpeople format.
Realize that on exercise days you should be eating at about 1500-1700 calories max; especially based on your weekly weight loss goal.

I do not encourage a calorie intake of 800/day; but agree with your that 2400 is inappropriate--and too high.
Hope this helps

your SP Registered Dietitian

9/24/13 6:25 P

Thank you for your responses.
To meet my goals of losing 2 lbs per week this site recommends eating 1200-1550 (based on my normal activity level). On a day with a workout (my workouts are mostly consistent on calories burned) it recommends 2050-2400, I work out 5 days a week.
My food in take is anywhere from 882-1742. For the past week that is my range of calorie intake.
Should I eat more? I have added protein shakes in, once I started tracking what I eat I noticed that my protein wasn't meeting the minimums recommended. But when I drink one in the morning I'm not hungry for breakfast.

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9/24/13 5:47 P

The popular answer here will be to try and meet your goals...
but I think that if you're not hungry, you shouldn't push yourself to eat (as long as you really DON'T feel hungry, and aren't just hoping to speed up the weight loss).
I have days that I don't feel like eating more than 7 or 800 cals...
I could push myself, but usually the next day (rarely, the day after) I feel hungry unless I'm at the top of my range (or over it). When I do a history though, the numbers usually work out to be right where I want them without too much problem. And no, I sometimes feel less like eating when I work out, but pay with interest the next day.

Bottom line, at least from me, is to listen to your body.
Also, try looking at your week averages. Like I said, sometimes you'll have low and high days, but your averages will prove that you're staying right on target (or that you're having too much of one or the other)!

9/24/13 5:46 P

To answer your question, more information is needed.

What is your typical calorie range recommendation?
What is your typical calorie intake on most days of the week?

Your SP Registered Dietitian

9/24/13 4:51 P

I have been tracking my calorie intake. When I work out it says that I need more calories. My problem is that I am not hungry. Should I eat anyways to up my calorie intake? That seems counter productive to me reaching my goals. I want to lose 60 more pounds. As long as I am eating healthy and meeting my nutrition needs do I really need the amount of calories that the tracker says I do?

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