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TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
1/9/13 2:51 P

It looks like you have just started a program, is that correct? Many people either gain a little weight or don't see any change on the scale after making a significant change in their level of exercise.

When you start doing more exercise, your body begins storing more fuel in your muscle cells, where it can be used easily and quickly to fuel your workouts. The process of converting glucose (carbohydrates) into fuel that your muscles actually store and use (glycogen) requires three molecules of water for every molecule of glucose. As your muscles are building up glycogen stores, your body has to retain extra water for this purpose. That's what causes most of the initial weight gain or lack of weight loss. This is a good thing—not something to worry about.

So if you are just getting started, be patient and stay the course. A healthy lifestyle change is a marathon and not a sprint so focus on your fast break goals and taking small steps forward.

Coach Tanya

MANDIE517 Posts: 13
1/9/13 1:57 P

On average, I have a calorie differential of 650-750 day to day while eating around the middle of my calorie range. Why is it that not only do I not lose pounds or inches, but I actually GAIN weight? What's going on here. I've evaluated my food and my workouts and determined that I need to make a few swaps food wise and put in a little more effort when working out but shouldn't a negative calorie differential show some kind of loss on it's own?

Starting to really doubt this whole "calories in, calories out" mumbo jumbo.

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