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5/8/12 4:48 A

FORREALLY unless you're under 5 foot high, 1200-1400 calories is not enough for you, especially if you only have 10lbs to lose. I know, that sounds insane, right? That you can't eat as low if you have little to lose as when you've got lots of fat. But it's true.

Try this...

Go to this page:

Do the calculations on yourself, as if you are already at your goal weight of 10lbs lighter than now, and wish to lose nothing at all more - no weight loss. Don't forget to consider your actual level of exercise calories burned! :)

Now, what is the final figure given? 1700? 1900? 2300? This is what you'll need to eat to maintain your ideal weight.

Eat that now.

The last 10lbs will slide off slowly, because you're eating less than you need to maintain your current weight - you're eating what it would take to maintain your ideal weight.

Those 10lbs won't come off fast. Best bet is to plan to keep the final goal figure for life by eating at a level that maintains that. The 10 will slide off by themselves over the next few months without you noticing. Remember those 7 pounds that "took quite a few months" to go on? They're not coming off in 7 weeks.

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TACDGB Posts: 6,136
5/8/12 12:29 A

I am currently calorie cycling. I eat at the low end 1200 for several days and then at the high 1550 end for 1 or two days. I do know that calorie cycling works. For me I put the high end far apart in the week. Like Monday I eat at the high end and then again on Friday. Anything to confuse the body. Good luck

DOE1164 Posts: 103
5/8/12 12:05 A

I've begun calorie cycling last week and also working out intensely in the a.m rather than at night. I normally eat 1200 cals dail as well so I 1050 for 4 days, eat 1500 for 2 and fast for one day. This varies the calories but averages to 1200 a day. I like it as I don't feel hungry on the 1050 days and thoroughly enjoy the 1500 days as that's quite a bit more than I';ve eaten in a long time! emoticon On the 1500 days I allow myself one or two higher calorie foods that I wouldn't normally eat. Looking forward to those treats gives me incentive.
To see if it's for you, try it for a week or two and then decide whether it works for you depending on the scale and your measurements. I've also changed from evening to morning workouts, which has made a positive difference to my energy levels.
From lots of experience, one method doesn't work for everyone. We're definitely all very unique!

5/7/12 7:55 P

they say BETWEEN because that's what you need to do. There is no set quantity sweetheart, you can eat ANY amount among those two numbers. So if your limit is 1200-1400, you can eat day 1 1350, day 2 1270, day 3 1327 day 4 1399, day 5 1201 day 6 1400 day 7 1200 and so on. as long as you eat within that range you are fine. in fact, the more you vary the better, you should never have the exact same number of calories and nutrition every day. It is very wrong to have every day 1200 because as I said, your body gets used to it. Keep it guessing, but never eat under the 1200 calories!

5/7/12 7:52 P

Yes, that's what I want, but I'm not sure how many calories to eat. Every calculator I've used says between 1200 and 1400 calories, so how many should I be eating? Everyone is saying that 1200 calories is not enough, but that's what I've always done. Suggestions?

5/7/12 7:39 P

you got good advice. Maybe the reason why you put weight back on is not only what the other lady said, but also that by eating always 1200 cal your body's metabolism decreased to BURN only 1200 calories, so your body in short ate itself, its muscles, its heart, its internal organs... they are all "mouths to feed"and by reducing the amount of food you introduce you force your body to get rid of them. This means a quick weight loss, because muscles weight a lot although they occupy less space than fat, but it also means that your weakened metabolism was inflated by the sudden increase in calories and just stored it as fat.

I make you an example, to make it more understandable. Let's say that you have a good job, never been unemployed in your life. You get money, spend money, put money into savings, put purchases on credit cards, pay them off whenever, are a bit in debt but who isn't... and have a lot of "goodies" such as sky TV, your kids have lunches made by you with organic food, you go to a nice pub at lunchtime with your colleagues every day for your break, you go to work with your car and so on. Then, imagine (hope not) that tomorrow you lost your job. No more money to come in, first thing you do is go through your budget and get rid of the "mouths to feed" that you don't think indispensable. Hence, you stop your subscription to sky, put to the minimum your broadband, you start walking rather than using the car, buy the cheapest things you find in the shop, take the kids to your mum for dinner, use the free canteen for your kids in school at lunchtime, prepack your lunch with the cheapest things around and if you are forced to go out with your friends you get a glass of plain water... now imagine you stay unemployed so long that you get used to it and actually it works for you and you manage to not go too much in debt. Sure, your bank account is in its overdraft and you have a huge bill on credit card every month but your standard of living is something that is bearable to you, you can keep it on.

Now, if you get a new job, you can decide to keep on doing these things and put the money away for later, in case you lose your job again. You pay off your credit cards, you rebuild your savings account and increase the amount of money in it as a "safety cushion" and you keep your money savings attitude. You might prize yourself here and then, but it's very rare, so your savings increase and increase. Now, change savings with fat storage, credit cards and overdraft with weight loss and "savings attitude" with "reducing your metabolism" and you have a clear picture of what happened with your body.

The best way of doing is to "keep your metabolism guessing". To continue on the example, get a freelance job that pays you a lot for a month and then cr*p the following and a decent amount the month after... you know some money is coming so you spend money and you don't get too much into "savings mode" because you know you'll get a good paycheck that will help you pay off the debt in a while. That's why you have a range. Eat 1200 calories one day, 1550 another day, 1300 th day after, 1450 another one and so on will keep your body guessing and allow you to lose weight. Eat aways the same and your body, like a clock, will get used to only burn what you feed it with and the less you eat the less it will burn (it will cannibalise itself to only metabolise what you give it) and not only you will be at risk of anorexia, but you will put back on everything you lost and more AND you will look GAUNT and sick.

Is that what you want?

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
5/7/12 7:19 P

The smallest range is 1200-1550. I would suggest cycling within that range.

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5/7/12 7:11 P

I really don't think it's a good idea to go under 1200 calories, not without a doctor's supervision. I don't think that the reason you gained would have been because your body got "used" to it... that's not how weight loss and calories work. Your body needs a certain number of calories, or it doesn't.

Far more likely would be that you didn't track as faithfully as you did before, or weren't burning as much.

1200 is very little, and is actually the minimum any female should eat.

While I've seen the experts here say that calorie cycling can be an effective tool, they didn't mean going below the minimum; more eating at the low end of your range one day, and the high end the next.

Remember you have a range for a reason. 200 calories shouldn't make you gain 7 lbs. Not when you're eating so little already.

5/7/12 6:58 P

I have recently gotten back on the wagon. I only need to lose about 10lbs, but I'm thinking about trying calorie cycling and here's why: I don't want my body to get comfortable at my normal 1200 calories/day again. I ate 1200 calories per day for a year or two, lost the weight I wanted and then the weight loss stopped. As soon as I started eating a couple hundred more calories per day, about 7lbs crept up on me. Granted, it took quite a few months, but I believe it's because my body became so comfortable with eating 1200 calories per day.

Now, calorie cycling. I've looked at some numbers, and the only thing I see wrong is that this will cause me to have a couple days around 1050 calories and I'm not sure I'll survive.

So, who here has tried calorie cycling and what do you think? Opinions in general are appreciated too :-)

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