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2/12/12 2:41 P

I looked up this 2,4,6,8 diet out of curiosity. Essentially you eat 200kcal on day, 400 the next and so on, then repeat. Everyone here is smart enough to know that this is ridiculously unhealthy. 1200 minimum people. PERIOD. If I were to consume 800kcal a day, I best have the stomach flu.

Eating disorders are terrible things. I have had several friends that cope with this devastating mental illness. I wish everyone would look up local resources in their community so they can send their loved ones in the right direction, should the need arise.

PS: Pro-anorexia sites seriously creep me out. I have spent time on them for psychology projects and they give me the woolies every time.

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2/12/12 2:38 P

Calorie cycling is NOT the same as a EATING DISORDER. I am not familiar with ED tricks of the trade.

I don't personally calorie cycle, but I know quite a bit about it. Some people rotate the proportions of their macro nutrients (fat, carbs, protein). Some people only rotate the number of calories. Here's an example based on my Sparkpeople recommendations:

I am 5' 7.5" and 165lbs

My tracker tells me to eat between 1430 and 1780kcal/day to run a significant calorie deficit.

So if I were to try calorie cycling I might eat 1400 cal on Monday, 1600 on Tuesday, 1800 on Wednesday and repeat.
This keeps me within my given calorie range but fluctuates within it.

I am not strict enough to handle that, I find my calories fluctuate depending on how hungry I am after the gym and weekends tend to bump me into the 1700s anyways.

I don't know of any studies that would compare a 1500kcal/day avg to calorie cycling with the same weekly caloric intake. Would be interesting to try though.

If you have diabetes, a medical condition or any issues with hypoglycemia I would definitely not try this unless you have spoken with your doctor.

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2/12/12 11:21 A

Thanks for your input! I might try to do this sometimes but it's definitely a very tedious way to do it so I'm not sure how well I'll be able to stick with it!

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2/12/12 10:10 A

I follow the sparkpeople meal plans and it seems to have enough of a range to work for me. Some days I am at the bottom and other at the top and anywhere in the middle. But I don't know anything about calorie cycling.

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2/11/12 2:54 P

Remember that SparkPeople does not recommend following any plan that those suffering from eating disorders follow. That is a dangerous path to walk down and something that we cannot condone.

Coach Nancy

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2/11/12 1:50 P

Thats what I do, its a cool way to trick your metabolism. also its a fancy trick ppl with EDs do and call it 2,4,6,8. but your way is much healthier. I don't feel bad when I go over my calorie limit one day because the next day I can just do a few less and know I am still losing and my metabolism is going to be a bit faster.

2/11/12 1:10 P

Yes, I did calorie cycling for a little while. I found it helpful because it allowed me to vary my calorie intake each day, which helped me feel like I wasn't stuck in a "rut" of doing the same thing every day. You could also plan to have your big workout days be on your higher-calorie intake days. When calorie cycling, it's important to still stay within your sparkrange for calories - for me, that's 1330-1680. I think there's a sparkteam for calorie cycling.

I'm no longer doing the cycling, though, because I ended up deciding that it's too rigid of a system to follow long-term. I really want my lifestyle change to be something I can do for the rest of my life. So, my goal these days is to stick to my sparkrange calories 6 days of the week, then have a "cheat day" (date night with my boyfriend) once a week. It actually might give similar benefits to calorie cycling (it certainly keeps my body guessing, and maybe keeps my metabolism from slowing down), but it's more flexible and fits into my lifestyle better than the true calorie cycling plan.

Good luck to you!

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2/10/12 1:45 P

I'm not sure there is much science to back that theory up but if your weekly average is within your range I say it can't hurt to try! I'd love to know your results if you do.

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2/10/12 1:15 P


Remember our weight is not a static number. There will be some weeks where you may lose, stay the same or even gain, but that does not mean you are doing anything wrong. Remember too that you do not have to lose weight every week to be making progress.

Plateaus generally don't happen early on. Your body is still adapting to the changes so you need to give it some time.

Hang in there!

Coach Nancy

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2/10/12 1:00 P

I have lost a good amount for my first month so I am happy. But I read something about calorie cycling where you eat different amounts of calories each day like you can eat 1100, then 1300, then 1500 and start over so your body doesn't get used to taking in the same amount of calories every day. Has anyone tried this? It sounds interesting so I'm thinking about trying it. I read that on another site some people having success. I have just been sensing over the last few days that I might be about to hit that plateau so I am looking for a new idea!

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