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You are right, I just have to suck it up and do my homework. I went to my start page and it lists my goals but when I click on it to change it only allows me to enter the calorie count how do you get it to calculate it for you? (for your weight and exercise goals)

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Tracking one's nutrition, while tedious, can be one of the most powerful tools in our weight loss journeys. And studies prove this as we know that those who track their nutrition lose weight twice as fast as those who don't. And they are more likely to keep it off.

Are you eating within the calorie range SparkPeople has set for you based on your current information (current weight, activity burn, time frame to meet your goal)? If not you may want to go to your My Goals/Progress on your Start Page and click on the change button and under the weight portion and set up your current data.

Also pre-packaged foods are not a requirement for following a healthy diet. In fact our database has lots of calorie and nutrient information for you to add to your nutrition tracker that you may not know the info on.

You do not have to go hungry to lose weight, although learning the body's cues can help us separate physical hunger vs emotional hunger.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

1/13/13 7:42 A

I went on this no sweet kick for a couple months before xmas, treadmill 5x a week, got sick, binged on cookies for 2 days, and that was the end to treadmill.
Cold went away pretty fast, thankfully and I was back on track, this time I made a committment to track my food. I have always had an issue with this because it is so time consuming and forces you to eat alot of pre packaged food because the calorie content is on it. So I tried to gestimate at most of it. Working out just didn't happen. Feeling pretty good about what and how much I was eating. I thought this is the way, portion control is all I needed. I couldn't believe how much food I could actually have. Which makes me wonder some days how I got so big. Did I really eat that much food to gain all this weight. (Guess So but HOLY COW)
I know I have to get back on that treadmill so I did. First day not bad, second day horibble. I felt so weak, just didn't want to do it. I am thinking it is because I did not eat enough calories. Next 2 days I was hungry all the time and exhausted. Ended up giving into a few sweets 3 days this week. That is not like me. Now I am back to being confused as to what to do. What method to take and what is going to finally work for me for the 1,018th try. There has got to be a solution out there, I really need one. I am definately going back to no sweets, but this calorie counting is really trying my patience.

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