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B4IAM30 SparkPoints: (891)
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6/20/14 3:48 P

Thanks! I downloaded theapp to my iphone to count calories. It showed it was free when I did it. Before I've seen it listead at 3.99

MCROW35 SparkPoints: (1,865)
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6/20/14 3:12 P

It looks like you ordered the Spark Activity Tracker already, that should probably suit your needs. You don't need a heart rate monitor and all of that if you have teh Spark. HRMs are probably not going to be more accurate counting calories. HRMs are best for runners for training purposes.

B4IAM30 SparkPoints: (891)
Fitness Minutes: (525)
Posts: 76
6/20/14 3:06 P

So I do high intensity workouts. I haven't ever put any money into a calorie counter/ or heart rate monitor. Does having one push you to work harder during your workouts? I was thinking it would push me. Also, on a budget so the most I can really spend on one right now is around 18.00 and I just want one that counts calories, IDC if it counts heart rate or not or time. Amazon or ebay is probably my best bet, but which brand should I look for or does it not push you harder during your workouts?

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