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1/12/14 3:59 P

No cheat days ever. I have a goal to reach & I consider a cheat day, cheating myself.

12/27/13 10:55 A

I have only experienced "cheat days" as the slippery slope, personally. If I do that, then it just spikes my appetite and cravings again, making it harder to get back on the lifestyle. I do eat more food after I weigh myself on Saturdays, but later in the week I cut back to make up for it so that I am adhering to a weekly food budget, rather than a strict daily count. I do have a rare "treat," but I don't mourn the absence of sweets and junk-food; if I did, then I wouldn't be able to keep on track because it would mean my MINDSET had not changed, and that's the most important factor in succeeding in the long run.

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
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12/26/13 8:15 P

I'm glad it works for you. I've tried cheat days and it doesn't work for me. I'm of the mindset that if it works and it's healthy and you can live it as a lifestyle then more power to you.

--MEOW-- Posts: 4,707
12/26/13 7:59 P

I have a cheat day once a week... I allow myself to eat pretty much anything I want...
It definitely makes losing weight easier (and faster).

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
12/26/13 6:40 P

U have to do what works for U.........Me............well no because it would turn into a cheat week then a cheat month............and then. But to be honest I don't miss that kind of eating. I love my clean diet. I have been known to do a cheat meal like 4 onion rings or 1 corn dog but that is not very often as it usually makes me sick as I eat clean and my body's not use to that food.

FRAN0426 Posts: 21,838
12/26/13 5:49 P

Yes for special days or occasions

210014631 SparkPoints: (35,652)
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12/26/13 5:46 P

yes - but I do not plan them and try to make sure it is one item and not a binge

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
12/26/13 5:21 P

I do a form of calorie cycling, days of very low calories intake, then a day of a higher intake. I basically get the same amount of calories during the week, just dispersed differently. Every once in a while the higher day is higher then I intended...but oh well. It's not a binge day, though (Although in the beginning I did have those occasional binge days and still lost 7 pounds in a month).

If you are just starting out, be careful so that those 2 days don't turn into more, it can be easy to slide back.

I've no problem with occasional "over" days in general. If you feel comfortable in doing it, and are not gaining weight....who am I to judge? :)

CHRISC1971 Posts: 70
12/26/13 4:22 P

I don't NEED cheat days..

CHRISC1971 Posts: 70
12/26/13 4:21 P

I eat this way because it works for me. In order to keep the pounds off I learned it was necessary to make a lifestyle change vs. going on a diet. And yes, I have lost weight this way and am able to maintain within a few pounds of what I consider my ideal weight of 195-200 pounds (down from 220).

This was not a large amount of weight to shed compared to what I have managed to achieve in the past (330+ down to 200).

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12/26/13 3:52 P

You might want to go back a page or two and look for old threads on this topic. It has already been discussed ad nauseam.

You don't show your weight tracker...are you losing this way?

ETHELMERZ Posts: 21,175
12/26/13 3:34 P

If you would eat more during the weekdays, you wouldn't need "cheat days", go see a dietitian to help you figure out something better for yourself.

CHRISC1971 Posts: 70
12/26/13 3:32 P

Monday thru COB (5pm ) Friday I am strict with my caloric intake..I am usually at a pretty hefty caloric deficit during the week thanks to this along with the amount of exercise I engage in.

That said, I allow myself to eat mostly what I want on the weekend. Usually far exceeding my minimum requirements.

What about you? Do you have cheat day(s)?

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