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5/14/11 5:04 P

Thank you for the information! It is much appreciated.
I don't use much oil usually when pan frying, so when there isn't enough left after to measure, I will just add the total amount to the calorie calculation in these cases.


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5/13/11 10:21 P

I've always just included the full amount of oil in my food calculations - even if some fat or oil leaves the food in the process or it doesn't absorb it all.

I'd rather estimate over than estimate under.

SMARTYPANTS24 Posts: 268
5/13/11 9:23 P

Measure the oil, both before and after. Add the difference to your nutrition tracker. Make sure to measure the oil at the same temp both times, as oil expands when heated (ie measure it after it has cooled)

Example, if you add 1 cup of oil to the pan, and end up with 3/4 of a cup after cooking, you'll add 1/4 cup oil to your nutrition tracker/recipe

MARY0001 Posts: 2,094
5/13/11 9:15 P

If I pan fry or deep fry a food in oil, how do I calculate the calories in the prepared food due to the oil?
Thank you.

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