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6/25/13 9:35 A

You'll find instructions for sharing your trackers here:

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6/25/13 7:12 A

I am 5 ft 6 1/2 inches!

I don't know how to make my tracker visible...please let me know!

6/24/13 8:36 P

How tall are you?

I would probably aim for about 1400-1700 and monitor your weight, how you are feeling, your energy level, etc.

It may be helpful to see your nutrition tracker. Let me know if you need the steps to do this.'

SP Registered Dietitian

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6/24/13 8:35 P

Whoops! My exercise list got all jumbled.

Thanks for the link! I calculated that I'm burning around 5000 calories per week, and with a BMR of 1806, to lose 2 pounds per week, I should be eating around 1800 calories a day. I also, out of curiosity, checked to see where Weight Watchers would put me calorie-wise at this weight, and it's...1800. I don't know why I stalled there but I guess the reason WASN'T undereating!

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6/24/13 7:54 P

When you add exercise, it's not uncommon to see a plateau or even an upward shift in weight as your body retains water. It's unlikely you're not eating enough if you're getting 1800 calories; going up would probably cause a gain.

Here's how SP calculates your calorie range:

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6/24/13 3:55 P

I am hopelessly confused over this calorie intake issue when you factor in exercise. My weight loss has totally stalled and I'm sure I'm either eating too much or too little. Hoping someone can help.

Female / 37 / 239 pounds
My BMR is 1825.
Per a nutritionist's recommendation, I eat 25% fat, 25% protein, and 50% carbs (fruits, veggies, whole grain)

I exercise A LOT. I love it. Here is my schedule (each class is 1 hour):

Yoga Cardio Intervals Cardio Intervals Cardio Boot Camp Cardio Boot Camp
Zumba Strength Training Strength Training Zumba

I had been eating around 1800 calories a day, but my weight loss totally stalled. I figured that I was under-eating and increased my calories to around 2100/day, and then I started gaining weight. ??? I just am not sure how many I should be eating to lose the target 1 - 2 pounds per week. I haven't lost anything in over a month, and I still have 75 pounds to go.

Any idea? Thank you so much!

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