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6/12/13 12:52 P

Only other way I can think of is to create a 'grouping' in the "my Nutrition" tracker. That gives you the basic calories, carb, fat, protein breakdown per ingredient and for the entire grouping.

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5/8/13 12:01 P

As far as I know, the recipe builder is the only way to calculate the nutrition of a recipe. I'm not sure how else you would do it. I guess you could just enter each ingredient in the tracker individually in the per serving amount but to me that sounds more tedious than using the builder.

Just so you know though, the instructions, description, and most of the drop down menu items are optional, I never fill those out. It says "required" next to the fields that you HAVE to fill out. Even if a field is required you can just put in a few letters so there's something there. Just be sure you unclick the box that says "Submit My Recipe to SparkPeople's Shared Recipes Database" down at the bottom before you save, that way your gibberish recipe doesn't get put in the public database :) I have over 100 recipes in my builder, but none of them are shared because they're just for my personal use and they come from other sources anyway.

Also after you do it awhile, like I have, building becomes very fast, you start to figure out how to find what you need quickly.

If you already have the nutrition information for the recipe, you can just do that is "enter food not listed" in the tracker. I do that sometimes for recipes from sites like that already provide the information and I don't plan on making any changes to the recipe.

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5/7/13 1:24 P

Often times I just want to calculate the nutrition for a recipe WITHOUT entering the whole darn recipe, instructions etc. (Is this the only easy way to get the nutrition calculated inside Spark People?) Has anybody figured out a way to enter the ingredients, calculate the nutrition and be able to use that information - without filling out the whole recipe template - while entering food in the nutrition tracker? The whole process discourages me from entering food into the nutrition counter at all if I have to go thru the whole recipe process to get the nutrition.


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