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Spark has the calculation here as part of how they work out your range:

Be wary that you know how to use it though! Eg 1366 is not how many calories you should eat when you're at your goal weight. It's only your BMR, not your total daily burn. BMR is what your body would burn if you were comatose. But you're not.

Spark adds another 20% for that, so about 1640 really, before exercise.

It's recommended most healthy adults get 30-60 minutes of exercise every day. So let's assume a healthy lifetime lifestyle of a daily average of 300 calories burned.

So if your BMR is 1366 and you want to maintain your weight, you would eat around 1800-2100 calories daily.

(1366+20%=1640+300=1940, average around that for a range).

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you can google it..put in your info (height, weight, age, activity level) and it will tell you what you burn in a day without doing anything extra. You can plan accordingly. I found it really telling, especially how many calories you get at your goal weight.. not much Mine is 1366! So it is clear you need to still eat right and EXERCISE... or you will not maintain anything. The information really lets you know that it is a LIFESTYLE change period. I also am pretty aware of how little I have been giving up in the way of calorie deficit. I need to crank it up a notch! :)

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