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10/25/12 12:09 P


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10/25/12 8:48 A

greens, greens, greens. Broccoli has calcium. People just don't realize how much calcium your greens have. it may not register as such on this site, but broccoli has a huge amount.

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10/25/12 7:12 A

Bone Broth!

I make chicken and beef broth regularly and freeze it in 2 cup servings. It's great for making soups and stews.

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10/24/12 8:57 P

i don't have dietary issue, just not the biggest fan of milk and I am tired of yogurt and cheese. I guess i just want variety. thanks to everyone for sharing your lists! I would never have thought greens would have calcium. I am extremely worried about my bone structure. I am 41 and have shrunk nearly 2 inches already, my grandmother had severe osteoporosis and I am not good at taking supplements so I am looking for variety of foods that I can use.

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10/24/12 11:33 A

Here is a list of some calcium-containing foods that are dairy-free, with the amount of calcium you’ll find in a single serving as well as tips on how to incorporate many of these foods into your diet to increase your calcium intake.

11 Dairy-Free Calcium Sources
No Dairy? No Problem!

Coach Tanya

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10/24/12 6:12 A

For me it has to be dried herbs. Thyme, oregano, and celery seed get you 3-6% DV per Tbsp.

Sesame seeds are 9% DV per tbsp. Tahini is sesame butter, and has calcium too, about 6% DV per oz.

Almonds are 7% DV per oz.

My overall favorite is still cheese. 40% Dv for 2 ozs, and it is delicious. I don't eat yogurt or milk, so I have to work to get my calcium.

Another good source is greens. No one thinks of them as a calcium source, but greens have everything in them except fat it seems..

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10/24/12 5:42 A

Soy beans
White beans

Some fish, like sardines, salmon, perch, and rainbow trout

Foods that are calcium fortified, such as some orange juice, oatmeal, and breakfast cereal

Calcium is what controls the CONTRACTION of the heart as it is pumping blood through the body.
Magnesium is what controls the relaxing of the heart, when no blood is being pumped out.

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10/24/12 3:20 A

oranges are a surprising source!

Sesame seeds... so hummus with real tahini is good!

Almonds too

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10/23/12 11:15 P

BBQ sauce is all I can think of at the moment. Everything else I know that's made w/ molasses involves sugar, like you mentioned But, I have a jar of molasses with a little bit used in my pantry and I don't think I used it for anything sweet, but I don't remember what I did use it for. If I can remember I'll let you know :)

I think you could use it (in a small amount) for things you'd use brown sugar for... like for making a glaze for sweet potatoes or carrots maybe.

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10/23/12 11:04 P

I've been told that molasses is packed with calcium and iron, the two things I have the hardest time getting in my largely vegetarian diet. Problem is, since I tend to avoid sugar and I'm not really into sweets, I have NO idea how to get molasses into my diet. Anyone have any suggestions? Homemade barbecue sauce, maybe?

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10/23/12 11:00 P

Veggies! My personal favorite is broccoli or a salad made with baby spinach. But other dark greens like kale or collard greens are good, as is celery and oranges.

Do you have a dietary issue w/ dairy? I ask because I often use yogurt (greek especially) in cooking in place of stuff like sour cream or even heavy cream. That adds in a lot of "hidden" calcium and protein.

MARIJO150 Posts: 340
10/23/12 10:55 P

I am looking for other sources of calcium in foods besides milk, cheese and yogurt. What is your favorite source?

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