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2/13/12 1:51 A

I drink at least a cup of coffee when I wake up and carry around a gallon of water during the day and try to drink it all. I don't know what the scientific standpoint on drinking a gallon of water, or the difference in water intake for each individual. All I know is, when I drink a gallon of water...I feel gooood. emoticon and I figure it's good for me. Our bodies are made up of mostly water. I drink coke (even diet) I feel bloated and my skin looks crazy. I drink a lot of water, my skin looks good and no bloat!

AJJEAN Posts: 4
2/12/12 7:20 P

Thank you for your advice. Truly appreciated.

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2/11/12 2:00 P

There is a lot of conflicting data about coffee (caffeine) and weight loss. Some nutrition experts say that it doesn't make a difference. Others say that it does. It's like eggs. Eat eggs. No don't eat eggs. Drink coffee. No, don't drink coffee.

I will say that drinking water is an improvement over drinking soda. Of course, having a soda once in a while is okay. A person just needs to be mindful of their portions. Regular sodas are very high in calorie. Coffee only becomes high in calorie when people start adding in the sugar, cream, chocolate syrups, whipped cream, etc... those mocha lattes from Starbucks can really add up fast.

However, a plain cup of joe with a bit of skim milk and even a teaspoon of sugar isn't so dreadful. There are many Spark members who drink coffee and have lost weight. Ultimately, when it comes to weight loss, good nutrition is what takes the weight off and keeps it off. Exercise is what keeps our bodies fit and healthy.

As long as you are eating right, you could enjoy a cup of coffee each day if you wanted. all things in moderation.

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2/11/12 1:42 P

Hi Angie,

This is tough because just like many other aspects regarding weight loss, the amount of water one consumes or needs to consumes is very individual. That does not mean water is not important, but alone it is not responsible for weight loss. Dehydration can appear as a loss on the scale, while overhydration can appear as a gain. The new research state that we drink to thirst which once again varies widely.

Coach Nancy

2/11/12 12:46 P

I think water intake can definitely make a difference on the scale. There are some good articles on the importance of water here on Spark or you can find some if you google. I really struggled with drinking enough water, but I finally prioritized it and have started making myself chug a large glass (about 16oz) of water before breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus sipping at other times and chugging before and after workouts. Drinking before meals seems to help me feel full more quickly, too, which is a benefit!

AJJEAN Posts: 4
2/11/12 9:34 A

To which point does caffeine consumption and water intake affect weight loss? Can it make the difference on the scale?
My calorie intake is going great, however, I am struggling with water and caffeine proper intake....any suggestions?

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