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5/25/13 10:11 A

Thanks for posting! I read it this morning and as I track my food, I know exactly what I am eating but for DH it will be a shock I bet. He isn't overweight but at 52 he needs to think outside the calorie box to the clogged arteries issue

5/24/13 11:36 P

"More than half of the people researchers approached were unwilling to participate."

Ha! That made me think of my family right there...especially my mother. If they had asked her, she probably would have told them to shut up and stop trying to mess up her enjoyment of her meal.

In my opinion, most people don't WANT to know what they are eating. All this week, I have been getting ready for the big March Against Monsanto events here in town. It's amazing to me how many people have no idea that it's happening, have no idea how much GMO crap they eat, and have no understanding of the science that shows that GMO food is a disaster waiting to happen.

Like my mother, people simply want to enjoy their food, without considering the consequences.

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5/24/13 8:11 P

I noticed that most people prefer to ignore the calorie counts but I have looked up these calorie counts even before they started posting them and making them easily accessible.

I have heard of many people who "claim" they eat less than 1200 or 1000 calories a day and cannot lose weight. I have often wanted them to "prove it to me" but of course that is impossible since I'm not going to be able to watch them all day long to see what they put in their mouth. They may "count" their calories but they count them wrong, or may even be dishonest with themselves, not really counting everything.

It is my theory that almost all people who make such a claim are actually taking in more calories than they believe they are, perhaps by underestimating how much their portion is (taking one cup for what should be a 1/2 cup portion, etc.) and that will add up fast if it is something like pasta or ice cream. I once worked with a woman who claimed she "ate like a bird" and just could not lose weight no matter what! Yet I watched her eat a bagel just slathered with cream cheese every morning at 10:00. I'll bet she had no clue that the bagel or half bagel that I would eat would likely have less than half the calories. In her mind we were having basically "the same thing."

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5/24/13 4:18 P

I agree that the majority of people have no idea what they are eating.

My dad thought that because he was eating tuna at Subway, it was healthy. I guess he didn't notice all that nasty mayo on the sandwich.

JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
5/24/13 3:59 P

That does not surprise me. I think 99% of people couldn't come within 100 calories plus or minus of what they ate.

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5/24/13 11:32 A

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5/24/13 7:16 A

Good morning Sparkians,

Read this article and thought would be of great interest.


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