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Outside a laboratory setting, there are only formulas to determine one's resting metabolic rate, but they are just an estimate.

A few things to consider...

Your current calorie range is based on the data you plugged in when you joined (current weight, gender, height, goal weight, time you chose to reach your goal weight, and calories expended) however, many members are reluctant to eat within this range because they feel it is too high. However, one of the most important steps many members skip over is figuring out the calories they were consuming before they decided to lose weight. This is why taking a week or so tracking what you NORMALLY ate on a daily basis (you are not changing your diet at all) helps you have a better insight. The reason, most people who are overweight will not gain weight eating 1200 calories a day...the real figure, according to research, is that most of us have been eating closer to 2500 calories a day.

So cutting back from 2500 calories to 1200, even 1550 is a steep drop in calories.

When did you start tracking your nutrition? Are you exercising, if so what type of activity are you doing? Are you doing cardio and strength training?


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I am actually having this same issue! I eat between 1200-1500 a day, work out for an hour 5 days a week, and I have not seen any results!

My trainer (who is also a nutrition something or other fancy title) had a few theories on this. First she thinks that I am not eating enough calories. She said that I should be eating no less than 2000 per day on the days that I work out. Her theory is that since my body is burning way more than it is taking in, it is holding onto what I do put in and storing it (essentially in starvation mode)

The second theory is that years of crash dieting, diet pills, fad diets, starvation and bulimia have slowed my metabolism, and now I have to work to get it back to normal. Which is very frustrating as well.

I think a lot of it depends on what you are doing for exercise. Experiment a little bit until you find what works best for you. Maybe lower your carbs and up your protein, or up your calories a little bit and lower your fat.

There is no set thing that is going to make every person lose weight because every body is different. Play around a little bit.

Best of luck!

2/27/11 2:36 P

I'm consuming the calories the system is telling me to consumer only to continually gaining and now I was told if you take you current weight x 7 that is the correct about of calories to intake. Is this true or why the system giving me so many more calories. I'm not doing something correctly????

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