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7/9/13 8:34 P

Great job!

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7/8/13 11:32 P

Good for you. Congrats!

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7/8/13 6:45 P


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7/8/13 2:18 A

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7/2/13 9:19 A

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7/2/13 8:11 A

I'd been stuck @ 273...which is where I got to 10 months ago before I quit exercising @ the Y when I moved...I lost the 10 pounds I'd regained in those ten months only to get stuck there again!

Woohoo! Finally, 269!

To bust the plateau: I reviewed my nutrition and exercise for two months worth and also did my monthly and weekly calorie and exercise averages. This helped me see that even though most days I was within calories and exercising those bad days were making my average higher than I thought for calories and bringing my exercise slightly under my 60 minutes a day goal despite the extra I did over a few days to make it up. I also checked the Spark nutrition numbers against the packaging or other sites...and measured things that I might have been under tracking. There were several nutrition items where the calories listed were too low (sometimes by a lot) and measuring helped a lot. Also, my Spark calories were set too high for me to lose...I tend to eat at the top of the range most now learning to eat at the bottom of the range.

Still that wasn't enough to get the scale moving!

My body was liking 270-272 and then wanted to stay there...the last thing I wanted was a "new" plateau only two pounds down from the long one! I switched up my exercise last week to whatever was feeling hard! I did less swimming and did more stationary bike and rowing. So, I think continually switching up exercise is going to be key for me.

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