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1/23/12 3:17 P

It sure is tempting, isn't it? But I have to say it seems really dangerous and it won't end in a healthy change.

SHONAMAMA5 Posts: 17
1/21/12 3:52 P

A friend of mine died a few years back from complications associated with her by-pass surgery. Very sad and very dangerous.

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1/18/12 8:45 P

thank you so much for putting this information out there! i have had a couple of friends undertake this option, one is doing ok, following all the directions, etc; the other is eating like she always did, or trying too, and getting very, very sick...all people tend to look for an easy way out, but this is not one! it's got lots of complications and drawbacks. not for me!!!

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1/18/12 1:13 P

totally agree~

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1/18/12 9:10 A

I think the worst thing a person could do is choose surgery to loose weight. You WILL NEVER be the same. M y sister had that 25 yrs ago when they 1st started, well she is still sick, being hospitalized more then you will ever know. They had to give her a new stomach (last year) which she almost died. She spent 3 weeks in the I.C.U. fighting for her life... THINK LONG AND HARD, DO YOUR RESEARCH, THEN FIGURE IT OUT... GOD BLESS YOU, GOD LUCK,, CINDY FROM MINNESOTA

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