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1/26/14 8:59 P
Here's an interesting read. Pretty sure I'm not going to drop dead but I do get itchy and my scalp tingles. I assumed it was just the cold weather affecting my skin.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
1/26/14 8:31 P

Haven't heard that reaction before

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1/26/14 7:52 P

I hope so. I have minor allergies that seem to be getting worse the older I get. Certain kinds of dogs and cats, pollen and dust cause some trouble but I've never needed to take an allergy med. I'm going to find out what kind of cleaning solution they use and what the track is made of. I'm also going to try the treadmill instead of the track. It's making me miserable my nose is so sensitive that going out in the cold air makes me sneeze a bunch of times. If it doesn't improve by the end of this week am going to see an allergist. In the meantime I bought a neti pot and am taking Claritin.

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1/26/14 4:06 P

I think it is an allergy of some sort too-like the person before stated.Cleaning fluids and dust are culprits for sure.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 66,007
1/25/14 7:44 P

Could it be something inside the track area that's causing an allergic reaction? Maybe the cleaning supplies, dust or something else like that? Have you had issues with allergies in the past?

Coach Jen

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1/25/14 5:13 P

I have recently started running on an indoor track at our local YMCA. After every run I have intense sneezing and sinus issues for the entire day or longer after a run. I am taking Claritin and I use Atrovent before my run nothing helps. It's not as bad when I run at night because I can go home and go to sleep. I like to run at least once a week before work and then I am miserable all day. I've never been an actual runner before but I have always exercised whether it's on the elliptical, or walking (probably not as much as I should have) I also was very active when I was younger and have never had symptoms like this. My doctor says I should see an allergist it seems silly to think I am allergic to running! I do have minor allergies to other things but nothing that I have ever needed a medication for. Any idea what's happening here? Could I be allergic to running? I seriously love running and feel absolutely fantastic when I'm done until the sneezing and burning starts. Help!!

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