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CHRISTI301 Posts: 6
4/20/09 7:47 P

I burn over 1600 every single day if I go by what the machines tell me. I enter all my info and realize they are inflated slightly, but I do between 2 and 2.5 hrs of cardio daily at a high intensity, plus a 10 hr a day job on my feet steady moving. It isn't hard to burn the calories. It is hard to figure out what you need to eat!

VLJ1008 Posts: 15
4/20/09 6:44 P

Yes I have update my setting on my hrm. This is an example of my workout today. I am definitely not Michael Phelps LOL! I did 45 min run/walk at lunch. Then I went after work and completed another 45 min at the gym 20 min stairmaster and 25 min arctrainer for a total of 1050 calories. So are I have taken in 1315 calories. The only thing I lack in drinking or eating is my dairy so I decide this week to add a glass of fat free milk. I started my weight loss with Weight Watcher so I am very careful with portion. Again I want to thank you all for all your input.

MELMLPN7 SparkPoints: (10,898)
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Posts: 320
4/20/09 5:10 P

I agree that unless you are playing a game of basketball every day of the week it is not possible to burn 7000 calories in a week. Michael Phelps could, but then again see how active he is. If you truly are burning that many calories you better check your nutritional intake so you won't lose muscle mass. Yours in Health, Marilyn Langley LPN.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 66,004
4/20/09 4:42 P

I'd agree that you might want to recheck the settings on your HRM. It's pretty tough to burn more than about 100 calories every 10 minutes doing high intensity activities.

Coach Jen

MIDNIGHT1001 Posts: 789
4/20/09 4:19 P

Are you wearing your HR monitor all day long and then using that as your calorie burn?? If so then this is a little different then getting 7000/week from exercise alone.

If you are, then your calorie range may be too high for what you're actual exercise activities are.

If not then I would also double check that you've updated the settings on your Polar to make sure it's got the right information for you (if it's one of the models that takes into account height/weight/age/gender)

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VLJ1008 Posts: 15
4/20/09 4:14 P

Thank you all for your input - I have a polar f11 that calculate my calories. I am not morbid obese - I am currently 179 as of this morning.

I tend to burn 1000 calories a day - sometimes I will go a little over that. I tend to split up my workouts - hour in the morning-30 min at lunch and 30 min after work. I am a mother of two young children so I have to try and fit it in when I can.

HAMNKING Posts: 1,818
4/20/09 1:55 P

I burn over 7000 calories per week.

There is no way that 2000 calories is enough to fuel that sort of workload. I'm surprised you're coherent and able to walk.

You might be misjudging how much your're burning or how much you're taking in.

Massive amounts of cardio isn't the best way to lose weight. Shorter workbouts of high intensity 3-4x per week is great for that.

ANARIE Posts: 13,205
4/20/09 12:57 P

Google "overtraining" and see if that's what's going on with you. If you're not obese, then you probably are overdoing it. A general rule of thumb is that you need to start watching out for symptoms of overtraining if you're burning more than 4000 calories through exercise. Pro athletes do more than that sometimes, but they've got trainers and nutritionists working hand-in-hand with them. Overtraining DOES actually cause weight gain, mostly because of extra fluid in damaged tissues.

And if you're not obese, you should also google "exercise bulimia" to make sure you haven't gotten into that kind of bad habit.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (201,382)
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Posts: 27,437
4/20/09 12:45 P

If a person is morbidly obese, they could burn 1,000 calories a day via exercise and that would add up to 7,000 calories in a week.

Are you morbidly obese ? Because for an average sized person, with a few pounds to lose, burning 7,000 calories a week would be exhausting.

For me to burn 1,000 calories in a day, I'd have to run for just under two hours.

Will burning 7,000 calories increase your chances of losing fat quickly ? maybe, maybe not.

We don't know enough about you to say. How much do you weigh now ? How much are you trying to lose ? How old are you ? Are you doing any weight training ? are you watching what you eat ?

BRIANASOP SparkPoints: (0)
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4/20/09 12:36 P

Burning 7000+ calories a week is something that professional athletes do, and I highly doubt Spark would recommend 1700-2000 calories to someone training like an athlete.

SARAHMINUS70 Posts: 496
4/20/09 11:20 A

Hey there,
How are you calculating your calories burned? I'm curious because it sounds on the high side. For reference, I'm comparing this level of calorie burn to some of mine.

Last summer, I got heavily involved in mountain biking, riding miles of trails in the woods and requiring a high level of fitness. To cross-train, I would run a 9-mile loop or hike a favorite mountain. I never burned more than 5,500 calories in a week (and I'm talking several all-day biking trips, 90 minutes of running at a time, and all-day high-mileage hikes - all in a single week).

Another reference I have is a friend training for a marathon. She is running 5-6 times a week, running hills, doing tempo workouts, and taking endurance runs. She burns only around 4,500 calories a week.

My hunch is that your estimate for calories burned is off. That would explain why you're not losing weight.

BUT, if in fact you are training at a very high intensity, and are in fact burning 7k calories per week then hats off to you! And my sense then would be that you're not eating enough. 1700-2000 calories is definitely not enough - that is quite a high level of fitness output, and your body needs to be fueled properly to keep that up. For me to lose weight at that level of output (I just checked on SP calculator), I would need to eat 2,500 calories or more.

My $0.02!

VLJ1008 Posts: 15
4/20/09 11:03 A

I was wondering if anyone out there is burning 7000 calories a week and up. And how many calories do the take in a day. Because i have been burning a little above 7000 calories a week for about a month now and have been eating at the Spark recommended range 1700 - 2000 and I have gained wts. I also do alot of strength training.

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