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9/19/10 7:56 P

I just put in 252 pound age 40 female doing 30 min. at 165 bpm to my Calorie calculatore. My forumla comes out at 431 Caloires

at 155 bpm I get 404

at the average 160 bpm I get 417.

So based on my heart rate monitor formulas even at 252 I get an estimate of 404 to 431. This assumes a steady state, that is no coming up to pace but rather being at heart rate from the first second right through to the end of the 30 min.

I have also noted that for me when I worked with an eliptical PreCore machine. on 800 - 1200 Calores on the machine I had to drop about 200 calories. So to have any faith that I approached 500 Calories burned based on the esimate of the machine it would have to be reporting 700 Calories. The precore did read and report your heart beat. I would at a high resistance and at a very aggressive pace.

I do not say that my estimates are better than other estimates, only that estimates are estimate, and even by the stats of 252 pounds age 40 (I did not know the age of the poster) and heart rate at 155 to 165 for the full 30 min I get 70 to 100 calories lower in my estimates. That is as much as 20% difference, which is about what I might expect to be the error in the math.

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9/19/10 7:06 P

I regularly burn 500 in 30 min. on my elliptical, and I am not a huge exercise fan.

FITWITHIN Posts: 25,987
9/19/10 12:26 P

JMAC23, I just read your responds. And, I can maintain a fast pace on the elliptical for a long time with my heart rate maintaining between 155-165. I put a lot of effort in all my workouts and take each one very serious. Their are some slim ladies that can't keep up with my pace on the elliptical. I also, keep the crossramp setting between 10-13 and resistance setting between 7-1O. I've have several members from the gym approach me and said, "I wish I could move like you on the Elliptical". I just told them with time you will be able to do the same and not give up. Every time you exercise you improve and get strong. emoticon

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9/19/10 8:27 A

I burn about 700 (tops) in 1 hour of fairly intense cardio (bike, stairs, elliptical, etc.). I am very fit, and weigh about 145 pounds (5'9"). I'm basing this on a heart rate monitor.

I don't know your weight/height/etc., but I personally would strive for 400 calories for a half hour workout, if that was all I was doing, and it would be very challenging but extremely rewarding.

PEGUS63 Posts: 319
9/19/10 8:11 A

Cycling out side is the best & easiest to burn that many calories.

PAPAMIKIE SparkPoints: (48,308)
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9/19/10 4:54 A

I put in 275 pound male 56 and ran biking at various levels against MET calculations. I have 3 different formulas based on MET results are shown below for 30 min. So you have to be at 12-13 mile per hour to get to 500 calories and that is the high estimate. That is a fairly brisk pace, certainly not just recreational biking.

So I think, if you look at all the responses, the answer is yes you can burn 500 calories per 30 mins, but this is not common nor is it likely.

IT does require very intense work out, or a system that overestimats your calorie burn.

MET Estimates for a 275 Male age 56 at 30 mins:

bicycling, less than 10 mph, leisure, to work or for pleasure (Taylor Code 115

bicycling, 10-11.9 mph, leisure, slow, light effort

bicycling, 12-13.9 mph, leisure, moderate effort

bicycling, 14-15.9 mph, racing or leisure, fast, vigorous effor

bicycling, 16-19 mph, racing/not drafting or greater than 19 mph drafting, very fast, racing genera

bicycling, greater than 20 mph, racing, not drafting

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TBONE13 Posts: 647
9/19/10 4:35 A

at my weight, a 30 min. bike ride will do it

MNMD21 Posts: 265
9/19/10 2:39 A

Swimming the crawl can burn a lot of calories--probably not 500 in 30 minutes though, unless the person in question is much heavier than I am (170lbs 5'5).

EVENTER Posts: 99
9/19/10 1:14 A

Elliptical. I've done it before.

Whoops, totally misread your post. I've done it in an hour, not 30 mins. lol

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JMAC23 Posts: 265
9/18/10 8:56 P

It would be doable on an elliptical or treadmill at the gym. You would have to be running pretty fast, and probably at an incline. On the elliptical you would have to be moving pretty fast too, and with resistance, but it CAN be done. Unfortunately, to move that fast you would probably need to be in pretty good shape, and if you are in good shape you probably don't need to burn 500 in an hour.

Of course, if you are morbidly obese you would not need to work as hard to burn the calories, but then you probably couldn't maintain a HR high enough to burn calories like that in half an hour safely.

PAPAMIKIE SparkPoints: (48,308)
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9/15/10 10:54 P

doing my personal best 10 in 53.57 I estimate 754 Calories burned. This is for a Male 55 160 pounds. So in 30 min I burned about 377. To do a 53.57 10km is not too shabby, I mean it is not like I am taking a walk in the park. I am burning under 400 calories in 30 min based on heart rate calculations.

When I worked on the elliptical I found I had to throw out about 200 calories on its 800 calorie estimate to get to something that approached my real burn. That is to say the Precore I worked on was about 25% too high on its estimate.

I notice the previous poster burns 399 in 35 min, however, if the elliptical is anywhere similar to the Precore I was using, that might be better estimated at 299. I am not suggesting every machine overestimates by the same amount I am saying that as I came down from 244 pounds I was mostly working on an eliptical to begin with, and I found on 800-1000 calorie estimate I needed to drop 200 calories.

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FITWITHIN Posts: 25,987
9/15/10 10:18 P

Yes, it's very possible I do it all the time. Today I burned 399 calories on the elliptical in 35 minutes. I have a Bowflex TreadClimber, and I manage to hit 500 calorie burn in no time. I set it on a high resistance and up the speed and just keep walking.

AMARILYNH Posts: 17,781
9/15/10 6:13 P

Wow - I walk a LOT but no way can I walk fast enough to do this!

9/15/10 5:59 P

I would say possible if extremely obese (and keeping up a moderate/fast pace) or if normal-ish weight I would say you could if you had VERY HIGH INTENSITY.

I have been exercising pretty consistently for 2.5 years now and at 136lbs I burn about 300 calories in 30 minutes. I don't go slow, either, but I don't kill myself. I'm usually drenched in sweat when done and feel great.

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9/15/10 4:07 P

I'm actually trying to work up to this right now - I did 400 calories yesterday in 30 minutes, according to the incline treadmill. I warmed up for 5 minutes, then sprinted at 6-7 mph for 1 minute intervals for a while, with 1.5 minutes of walking at 3.8 mph in between the sprints. I increased the calorie burn by increasing the incline 3% with each interval until I hit 18, then I walked at 4 mph and increased the incline up to 24 and walked at that for 3 minutes. Since I was so warmed up at that point, when I took the incline back down, I ran for 3 minutes straight on an incline of 6 at the end, then walked until I hit 400 calories to cool down.

Now, I don't know how accurate the machines are, but I know that I am getting a really good workout with that routine. I weigh 178, which is higher than the average of 150 that is used to estimate the calorie burn on the machine.

I'll post back when I get up to 500 calories and let you know what I did. I don't have the greatest lung capacity so sprinting is what works best for me, plus it is fun! I am planning on increasing my calorie burn 50 calories with every workout, so I should get there this week.

SUKOTO Posts: 2,271
9/15/10 2:48 P

It is totally possible. You've just gotta get your butt moving and get your Heart rate up. Don't kill yourself over it though. Do what you can do and you'll burn those calories with ease...kinda.
Be safe.

MRSKUBY Posts: 338
9/15/10 2:46 P

When I work out on the elliptical for 45 min I burn approx 600 calories and I am covered in sweat and panting from the exertion. emoticon

INTHEWORKS1 Posts: 981
9/15/10 1:14 P

At 5'11" and 221 pounds, I can burn 575 in 30 minutes if I run at 9 min/mile. So yes, it can be done. I have been a runner for a while and I could do this but it would be hard. So basically, you can do it, but it will be hard.

GARYM1A2 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/15/10 1:09 P

You can burn 500 calories in 30 minutes if you are over 200lbs and work at a very high leval, stairmaster burns the most. Myself, I max out at about 720 calories per hour.

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
9/15/10 1:04 P

agree with sleekkitty- I have to get up around 12,000 steps to get this total of 500 cals..

MCSB406 Posts: 221
9/15/10 12:53 P

I'm not entirely sure...I've never been able to achieve that. I can do 500 calories in about 40-50minutes. Today I ran a 5k at about a 10 minute mile and burned 460 cal (including a 7min cool down) according to my HRM. There are so many benefits to increasing your HR for a longer period of time that I focus more on time than on calories.

9/15/10 11:19 A

those calorie readouts on the machines are an estimate of what you burned. Most of them overestimate that. I think the manufactures are like the clothing makers, thinking we will choose the machine that says we burned the most calories. Do not worry about what the machine says, but get a heart rate monitor to find out how hard you are working.

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9/15/10 11:12 A

If you were morbidly obese, it would be theoretically possible to burn 500 calories in 30 minutes. BUT it would mean you're working out at an extremely high intensity. Meaning, by the end of that 30 minute workout, you should have been working so hard that you're ready to physically collapse from exhaustion.

Most people do not burn that many calories in 30 minutes. In general, a 60 minute workout would be a more reasonable amount of time to burn 500.

Unfortunately, the infomercials have people convinced they can burn 800-1,000 calories doing a workout. Well, if you were morbidly obese, maybe. people in a fairly normal weight range just don't burn that many calories.

Why ? The heavier a person is, the more calories they need to be able to move the extra weight. the less that person weighs, the less they burn.

Also, if you are trying to lose weight, you need to be mindful of what you eat. It's not the exercise that will help you take off the weight, it's your nutrition. Good nutrition is what takes the weight off and keeps it off. exercise is what keeps our bodies fit and healthy.

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9/15/10 11:05 A

Burning 500 calories in 30 minutes would depend on how much you weigh. A person weighing 110lbs probably could not burn 500 calories in 30 minutes. The smaller you are, the fewer calories you burn even if you are exercising at maximum effort. The bigger you are, the more calories you burn because there is more of you to move.

I weigh about 150 and exercising at my most intense effort on the elliptical for 30-40 minutes will bring me to a calorie burn between 350-450 calories. I am also extremely fit. Someone who weighed the same as I do but isn't as fit probably would not be able to burn the same amount of calories on the same machine in the same time span.

Calorie burn depends on your height, weight, age, gender, type of exercise, intensity of exercise, duration of exercise, percentage of body fat vs lean mass, and fitness level.

CINDY1TWO3 Posts: 611
9/15/10 10:40 A

I come really close to that on the elliptical trainer when I use the crosstrainer function or the weight loss program and up the resistance. I usually prefer to take 40 minutes and lower the resistance a little so I can still breathe comfortably....

HEYBUTT Posts: 769
9/15/10 10:31 A

I realize rate of calorie burn varies by the size of the person and the intensity they're working at but my generic question is still the same.

Is it possible to burn 500 calories in 30 minutes? If so, how intense would the work be? Is it possible to achieve using just ONE machine at a gym?

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