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6/4/13 9:25 P

Don't mess with it. I too had large bump, heel spur which is medically called a Haglund's Deformity. I did have PT, I did do lots of things different doctors told me. I lost 42 pounds and yet it got worse. I eventually ruptured my Achilles and have had to have surgery. What I didn't know that one could have an Achilles that is too short and according to the orthopedist, I do. So... don't mess with it. Get an opinion and a second opinion. DO NOT let your Achilles rupture!

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4/4/13 10:52 A

You know what's coming. :)

YOu need to see a doctor. When it comes to pain and injuries, we simply can't even begin to speculate what might be causing your issues, and it would be irresponsible of us to try and diagnose or treat your illness.

I know it sucks, but taking care of your body is a priority. This may be nothing at all, or it may something serious. Pain is a sign something's wrong. Listen to your body's message, and ask a profession.

Try giving your doctor's office a call, explain your situation, and see what they suggest. It may be something they know, and they can tell you some OTC things to do, but realistically, that's not a call *we* can make. Only your medical professional can.

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4/4/13 7:06 A

Update!!!!! I take back what I said about it not hurting- this morning when I woke up it was awfully sore and I didn't even run yesterday. In fact I didn't do any cardio at all yesterday. Is there any chance that this could not be correlated to the running? help please! Now it is starting to scare me. Nothing about my other normal shoes that I wear every day has changed. I do have rather high arches so what if I got of those inserts to help with support for my running shoes.....can someone let me know if that might help or make it worse.

I know I know most of you are immediately going to be like "you need to go to the doctor". Maybe but is there any way to relieve it or make it better by stretches or something? I have a ridiculously high deductible and usually avoid having to see a doc...if I really need to maybe I will but I just don't know if this thing is a big deal or not. Also it is only on one foot and not that weird?

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4/3/13 8:43 P

Mine have unfortunately hung around, and I have Achilles tendon issues because of it now too. :( If I had known what I was doing to myself, I would NEVER have worn those shoes. :(

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4/3/13 8:33 P

Aw shoot :( I had just recently gotten a pair from Luke's locker....they feel so great. I dunno if that is the prob or not, I guess it could be...I didn't run on their special treadmill thing. Maybe I should next time

Did that just go away on its own when you started wearing other shoes?

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4/3/13 8:33 P

What I had was Haglund's deformity, upon further inspection. I don't know if that's what you have, but you might.

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4/3/13 8:29 P

I got these on the back of my heels when I wore a pair of ill-fitting penny loafers. They grew and grew and grew. It sounds like you have a poor-fitting shoes, and I'd suggest you go get fitted professionally. This is NOT normal.

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4/3/13 8:22 P

So just wondering if anyone has any advice on what this could possibly be.....since I have been running regularly for the past 2 months, I have developed this bump thing on the back of my right is at the back of my heel and it does not hurt at all or give me any trouble when I run or walk....It is not like a blister, it doesn't feel like one in any way, it is very hard like it could be bone, but again, it doesn't hurt, give me any trouble at all, it isn't even red or anything, just a strange this a normal occurrence for runners? It isn't very maybe the size of a pencil eraser and is more prominent if I flex my foot, then you can really see it at the back of my heel (like to the right of my Achilles). If I point my toes, then it almost goes away, like hides I guess, but then if I flex my foot it is very obvious. I can't feel anything moving or shifting around as I move my foot ....?

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