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1/16/14 6:48 P

That entry sounds reasonable to me, so I'd probably leave it as that.

Coach Jen

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1/16/14 6:30 P

thanks Jen, I did what you said and the calorie count did go up, a lot.178 I classified it as Biking less than 10mph, do you think I should classify it as just biking general? Thank you very much for your help

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,898
1/16/14 6:20 P

I checked your account, and the reason for the low calories burned is that the activity tracker did not recognize what kind of workout you were doing. If you hover over the "general exercise" entry on your dashboard, you can reclassify it. Classify it as biking and that should bring the calories burned number up to a more reasonable level.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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1/16/14 5:56 P

Thanks for your help. I just checked the bike it's an old Schwinn DX900. My weight recorded is accurate, and I don't see a place to change the miles or kilometers. My heart rate was up, I felt like I was getting a good workout. I tried the treadmill the other day and the spark tracker was low balling the calorie count then to, but I figured that the treadmill was just way off even though it's fairly new.
I will try again tomorrow and see what I get. I just think that 55 calories for that kind of workout was very low. If anyone can think of anything else please let me know. I will post again tomorrow. Thank you

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,456
1/16/14 5:13 P

A quick reality check for any calorie burn estimate is that most people burn between 6 and 10 calories per minute working out on a sustained basis. Someone who is pretty fit and pushing themselves might burn 12-13 cal/min. 250 is well within the normal range, but 55 is not.

I just tried Spark's fitness tracker for stationary biking, and it is giving me way more than 55 calories for 36 minutes of exercise. Did you record your last weigh-in correctly (Spark uses this in coming up with calorie estimates).

Also, working up a sweat is more an indicator of environmental conditions than workout effectiveness. Your heart rate is a better indicator.


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1/16/14 3:01 P

Is that between 16 and 19 kilometers per hour, or miles per hour? The calorie counts will be different, so just make sure you picked the right one. IF you accidentally chose kph, your calorie count would be lower.

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MAGTASTIC103 Posts: 588
1/16/14 2:32 P

That actually does sound about right. Machines can be WAY off. As long as you're using resistance and legitimately working hard, pay more attention to the minutes. As you exercise more add more resistance and use that as your measuring guide.

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1/16/14 1:44 P

Hi, I am a bit bummed out about the spark tracker. I just did 36 minutes on my stationary bike. I did speed between 16 and 19. The resistance was just enough that I felt it. I did work up a sweat. I couldn't go to fast (had shoulder surgery last week) but the tracker said I burned just 55 calories. This is the second time it was way different than the machine. I know the machines are not correct, but 250 on machine to 55 on tracker??? Does that seem right. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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