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I noticed that only the first link I posted gives free results, but you have to scroll down past the first two premium options for which you pay for more detailed results. With the free option you only get a list and explanation of your strengths.

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12/8/13 6:41 P

I am posting some links to help those needing motivation to learn their strengths, since many people are unaware of all their strengths, nor do they take advantage of them to overcome their weaknesses. A goal is more enjoyable if one calls upon their strengths to reach it; it is easier to achieve a goal if you can enjoy the challenge of trying by using your strengths.
However fewer than one third are fully aware of their strengths. Margaret Moore, coauthor of "Organize your mind, Organized your Life", shares three web sites that help people learn to engage their strengths: the first is called VIA Survey of Character ; the second is Clifton Strengths Finder ; and the third is Strengths 2020 . One should always build upon and use their strengths to face and turn their weaknesses into assets. Think of healthier foods that you can learn to enjoy. Think of how you face difficulty in the past and met the challenge. If there are few instances you can remember, then learn your strengths and use them to your advantage. In this way you become more positive, mentally tougher and happier.

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