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1/29/10 10:51 A

I think it's consistent because I count every single thing that goes into my mouth and stick to my 30-30-40% rule.

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1/29/10 9:49 A

That's amazing. I can't keep steady for a day. I regularly have multi pound swings on any given day. How do you keep it consistent? I think my variations come from varying intakes of water. I usually have a session once a week and that alcohol makes my weight go wild. I usually don't gain/lose (it's just a session), but the next morning my weight will be way down (effects of a diuretic, presumably ... lost mucho water), then creeps up the next few days ... probably because I drink a lot of water to rehydrate.

My cardio program is relatively consistent as of late. My eating is also pretty consistent, my water is all over the map.

1/29/10 6:30 A

Did I happen to mention that I stopped doing cardio for a couple of months? The last time did any was on December 16th and I've still managed to loose a 7 lbs since then. When I get to my REAL cutting stage (sometime in late March or early April) I'll start up again.

179 for the fifth day in a row; my target is 180 to 185.......weird.

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1/28/10 2:51 P

It's funny you should mention that. When I was a teenager and worked out hard for sports and to impress girls (wink) ... I could not eat before doing any training. I would cramp, get light headed and all kinds of other bad things. This go around, I almost need to eat a bit before I start, otherwise the same thing happens.

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1/28/10 2:47 P

Well I don't know, for me I cant handle eating right before a work out. Maybe its because I always do cardio and circuit training but, If I eat anything just before I workout, I get nauseous and have to drink a lot of water in order to keep it going for my full workout.

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1/28/10 2:40 P

I second the apple, and if you're apple poor, a banana will do in a pinch.

1/28/10 10:13 A

Try an apple about 10 min. before working out, it'll spike your insulin levels and give you that 'edge' your body needs to push harder.

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1/27/10 3:31 P

Its the reverse for me, I drink some chocolate milk afterwards. Great all around drink for building muscle. Some swear by it more than any protein shake.

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1/27/10 12:43 A

Before a long hard workout I consume a lot of protein along with carbs. Seems to help keep the nausea away.

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1/26/10 11:27 P

Getting enough excess of calories/proteins have always been a difficulty for me as well. There just isn't usually that much food around the house.

1/26/10 9:28 A

ooooo, I DO that! I eat 2 servings of Steel Cut Oats five times a week!

Thick and gritty! Hmmmm.....

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1/25/10 4:48 P

Eat your oats. If you want to increase size, make some homemade oats thick as you can take it, and have that for breakfast everyday you work out. Will seriously increase your energy while working out, and they just taste awesome. As for protein it really depends on how much you want to adjust your diet. Protein shakes are alright, but you might want to try eating tuna, because just one serving is over 30g of protein. I prefer to eat food over protein shakes any day.

1/14/10 9:30 A

There is a special team called "I Want To Gain Muscle". Mr. Nitro is one of the team leaders and there is a lot of good information on the teams message boards.

But for a quick answer; use the 40-30-30 method. Figure out how much you want to weigh, get the calorie count for that weight and then make your consumtion of carbs 40% of your calories, Fats 30% and protein 30%.

I did it for 180lb man and I'm 5'6" (SHORT!) and within a month I got to 180 lbs and have made gains in size.

EUGI12 Posts: 1
1/14/10 8:56 A

Hey all, I am new to this site, but i have been looking everywhere for some kind of help. I am a hard gainer, i weigh about 145, and am 5-10". I worked out for two years and got to 150-152lbs. but i could gain any more weight or even put up any more weight. Anybody got any diet tips or protein and eating habits that i should get into that may help?

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