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KARENCRANER Posts: 3,425
10/8/12 2:54 P

I try to make my week's calories average into my range. That allows for a little over and a little under. Keep my body guessing! Hot wings are my favorite treat, and I plan on consuming wings and beers every Thursday. I keep my caloric intake lower during the day, so I can enjoy the evening, but Istill go a bit over on my calories. No worries. Even it out by going under on a day or two. :)

AM_MORRIS87 Posts: 1,665
9/21/12 1:56 P

If it were me personally, I would keep the rest of the day low, so that even with the cheat meal you are still in your calorie range. (I wouldn't really worry about fat as much.) If you didn't have weekend plans, I would say, just go a little bit over and make up for it the rest of the week. But since your weekend isn't guaranteed to be on track, I would definitely just suck it up and make it through the day eating super strictly, so that you can enjoy your cheat meal w/o going over your goals. That way if you do go off track over the weekend, you won't feel as bad. But that's just me!

KYLAR_STERN SparkPoints: (22,234)
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9/21/12 9:27 A

So me and some co-workers have already made plans to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for Monday night football to watch the Packers. The good news is this is decided before last minute so I can do a little preemptive work.

I've made my goal weight, but I still want to get in better shape and be as fit as I can. I aim for 2200 calories a day so I have plenty of wiggle room to work with. I want to just relax and order some wings and get a couple beers and enjoy myself like I used to before I dropped over 50 pounds. I already tracked it and it will be 1,300 calories with 74g of fat for this cheat meal.

My question is should I plan the rest of my day to be low enough so that I can still make that work in my ranges, or should I let myself go over a bit fat, and possibly calories as well? Which would be better for performance and fitness I guess? Already planning on eating at the lower end of my ranges for the weekend, but I am going out on the weekend too so its not 100% guarantee I will be able to keep everything under control perfectly.

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