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1/4/13 8:39 A


I find it funny that IM NOT UR BUDDY YO is looking for a buddy!


HT00876 Posts: 8
1/4/13 6:40 A

Hi I need a buddy too! I am struggling to stay on consistent. I have a good diet & fitness plan. I can run (more like a slow jog) without stopping. I just started working out with a personal trainer and I have a fitness equipment at home. So I have all the tools i need i just dont seem to keep my focus for more than 1 day before I slip back into my old habits and tell myself i will do better tomorrow. I could really use a buddy to hold myself accountable by supporting etch other.

Let me know if you are interested and I can send my contact info.


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1/3/13 11:46 P

I'll be your buddy! I need a daily accountability person as well.
I sometimes need the bugging.
Send me a PM if you're game and ready for a "running" partner.

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1/3/13 3:48 P

Ok so heres the thing with me, ive been on and off diets and workouts. I love to work out and feel accomplished it gives me more energy. It is super hard however to live in a house with my mother who says she needs to workout or eat better and then doesnt. I ask her if she wants to walk, and she tells me she doesnt want to or she cant. I cant live like this I NEED someone I can talk to every day. Someone to make plans with someone who can encourage me and i encourage them. i want someone to text and me bug me until they know i did what i was supposed to..and i wanna be able to do the im looking for a b uddy but im also lookin for a friend. girl or guy it doesnt matter...we are all aiming for a common goal..

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