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Scary, please do! I hope it's nothing but a minor bump. ;) I think getting a properly fitting bra is important for you, so I'd make that a priority! Either way, I do hope you get answers quickly, and please update. I'll be thinking about you!

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I run with my arms on the side, I move them but not a lot or wildly. I need to get a new bra for sure. The one I wore is new but it's not as supportive.

The bruise is sort of in the center just to the right of my nipple.

The nurse said the dr would do an exam and a breast sono if he thought I needed that at my appt. I'll update then.

Thanks for your input

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Ouch! I haven't experienced it, but it doesn't surprise me. May I ask what size you wear, normally? Bruises are impact injuries, and if your girls were not properly restrained, it's likely you were beating them up with your arms. Do you move your arms a lot when running? Proper running form has your arms moving in more restrained motion, not bouncing all over the place. That may be the problem!

There are some good, quality sports bras that snap in the front, so you don't have to pull them over your head. Perhaps invest in one of those?

Either way, I sympathize. I have to buy my sports bras a size smaller than normal, because I buy cheap and I am well endowed, so I'll give myself a black eye if I don't contain them. ;)

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Have you ever experienced a bruise on your breast after running? or exercise?

I've been running nearly 4 years, I've had my sports bra give me chaffing but never bruising. I ran a 10K Saturday, hung out for the results and the raffle. Didn't shower right away, but when I did I noticed a bruise on my right breast.

I didn't wear my heavy duty sports bra because (long story) I still have trouble with dressing/undressing because I broke my arm about 4 months ago and the supportive bra is already difficult to get on and off.

Its about the size of my thumb, bluish yellow. Very Tender. No I don't feel a lump but at this point I think everything is a lump.... Don't Google This! Wow that'll terrify you!

I have an appointment Wednesday, but I was wondering if anyone had experienced this?

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