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1/29/13 9:55 P

Luv it.

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1/29/13 9:51 P

Thanks for all the suggestions, I should look more into using butter in my cooking since I have the room now. And to clarify with my morning microwave omelette- it isn't pre-cooked. I'm spraying a bowl with non-stick spray, cracking the eggs in there and ripping up some pre-cooked sausage. Adding other things I have in the fridge (cheese, diced peppers, oats) and mixing. Then microwaving it for 3 min after that to have the eggs actually cook. It works real well and is really quick, but I'm not browning these sausages on a stove top where I can do it with some butter at the moment.

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1/29/13 7:06 P

I was going to recommend making your own sausage, Pre-cooking it, then freezing. You'll end up in the same place when it comes time to using it and you can control the seasoning in the meat (and the meat itself). It is a little more work but you can do many at once when you have a few minutes. Your breakfast bowls sound yummy! I may have to mix up some of my own. :-)

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1/29/13 6:59 P

I eat omelettes every day. You can cook up the ingredients in butter, and add the seasoning to the butter. That way if will coat the sausage completely.

Then on the day of the breakfast, you microwave the meat, dice it, stir it into the eggs, and cook it up in 5 minutes.That way the meat isn't sitting on top of the eggs, it is in every bite.

P.S. Ham and bacon work well too.

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1/29/13 6:29 P

Kylar, I made my own chicken sausage patties to use for breakfast sandwiches. Here's the recipe I used.
I made the 1oz versions and they were a bit small for the english muffins I used but I still got the flavor of them. I didn't have all the spices called for so I just used the ones I did have (thyme and cayenne) and subbed in generic italian seasoning for the rest. You could probably do 2oz versions to make it more substantial as you probably have the calorie room, and I'm sure using this same recipe with maybe 85% ground turkey would work too. I just wouldn't use a more lean ground turkey since you do need some fat to make them decent.

I made 16 patties which provided for 3 weeks worth of breakfast sandwiches. I made up the sandwiches 5 at a time on Sunday nights and wrapped individually in plastic wrap. I froze the patties I didn't use that day, and just pulled them out 5 at a time on Sunday morning so they were ready to go Sunday afternoon/evening when I was ready to assemble for that week. So, once I got to work, all I had to do was unwrap from the plastic, wrap in a paper towel and heat up for 30 seconds. I used whole grain english muffins and pre-sliced cheese. I didn't use eggs because I don't like them but it would work fine, might just have to up the heating time to a minute so the thicker sandwich would heat through. My version was 212 calories, 29 carbs, 9 fat, 13 protein, 8 fiber.

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1/29/13 6:17 P

I was going to suggest the same as HAPPENINGFISH. Butter. Cook your eggs in butter, and saute the sausage in the same pan... it doesn't take much butter at all to add some flavor (maybe 30 cals in a pat of butter?) and it can go a long way.

Another thought I had was to cut the links/patties up into small chunks and saute with onions and peppers.

Your solution is good too... let us know how that turns out :)

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1/29/13 5:14 P

You may hate this solution, but this is why I never gave up on butter (or other fats) for cooking. There's very little reason, I think, to be afraid of using a little bit of butter in the pan (not exactly sure how it'll work in the microwave, but if you cut up the pieces beforehand, they might get some of the flavour in). I'd much rather spend some calories and fat grams and really truly enjoy the food I'm eating. :)

Also, your possible solution sounds totally viable. Give it a go.

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1/29/13 4:59 P

Just thought of a possible solution, sorry, I'm kinda new to this whole cooking thing. It'll take a little extra prep, but I can make a big brunch on the weekend and the refrigerate/freeze the extra for my own brown and serve sausages later. Just buy raw turkey sausage patties, and add a boatload of oregano heavy Italian seasoning and Franks redhot while they're actually cooking so they'll take the flavor. I can just throw these in a plastic container and leave in the fridge for me to use the rest of the week quickly in the morning.

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1/29/13 4:28 P

So I've bought quite a few of the Jimmy Dean brown and serve turkey sausage. Its pre coked so I can just pop 2 of them in the microwave with my eggs for basically and omelette in a bowl that is my go to breakfast.

Problem is, they really don't have much for flavor and I can't find a "Spicy Italian" variety anywhere. Thoughts for this?

Its not the fat from regular sausage that has me buying the turkey version, its that the turkey has more protein haha. 3 links of turkey = 110 cals and 12 protein. Goes nicely with eggs, oats, peppers, and milk for a well balanced breakfast. 3 links of pork sausage is the same price and 260 cals with only 8 protein... not the best. I'd need to buy more to get the same protein and combined with the eggs, breakfast just got real big.

So any thoughts how to up the flavor while keeping the convenience for my microwave omelette every morning? Just adding cayenne and salsa to the mixture doesn't change the fact that the sausage bites themselves taste bland.

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