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10/6/11 2:14 P

Don't force yourself to eat food that you hate.

KAPELAKIN Posts: 1,984
10/6/11 12:16 A

My husband is also not a big fan of the brown rice due to its toothesome nature, but I found that the long-grain basmati rice cooks up softer than some of the cheaper brown rice. I use a rice cooker that has a brown rice setting, and it usually ends up taking close to an hour to cook it to our satisfaction.

ANARIE Posts: 13,205
10/5/11 8:58 P

There are too many other yummy foods to waste time messing with one you don't like. Try quinoa, barley, millet, wild rice, and so on. You don't need rice.

If you take the "shell" or hull off of brown rice, you've basically got white rice, so that's not really an option.

As far as what the benefits of whole grains are, it's looking like it's not just an issue of fiber. There are lots of micronutrients in grains, including some that are chelators-- they help the body filter out metals, including toxic and radioactive elements. The latest research suggests that that's a big part of the reason that cancer rates are lower among people who eat a reasonable amount of grains.

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10/5/11 5:45 P

There are lots of types of brown rice! I personally like brown basmati, which I find to be firm and the perfect base for dal (cooked lentils) or curried vegetables. You can also make sushi rolls from short-grain brown rice. Sometimes I'm feeling lazy and I'll even use a quick-cooking medium-grain brown rice with some frozen veggies and an egg to make quick "fried rice". My suggestion would be that if you don't like one type of brown rice, try another! Look at health food stores and ethnic grocers for more variety.

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10/5/11 5:15 P

I actually like brown rice, but some ideas might be to cook it in chicken, beef or vegetable broth instead of plain water; use it under a stir-fry so that some of the sauce soaks into the rice; try it in soups or casseroles. It really is much healthier than white rice.

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10/5/11 5:12 P

I also think that brown rice is gross. It's the texture more than anything. My solution is that I simply don't eat rice often, if at all. Typically if I do it is in sushi rolls which are already portion controlled. My advice would be to eat the white stuff if that is what you like and just be mindful of your portions. Treat white rice as you would regular pasta or white bread-something to be eaten sparingly and in controlled portions. With the exception of some vegetables, most white or beige foods should be eaten in controlled,small portions as they are high in refined carbs. Think white bread, sugar, rice, etc. Even potatoes should be portion controlled as they are so high in starch, which is converted into glucose in the bloodstream. I generally believe that no food should ever be off limits except those containing trans-fats. A bowl of rice won't derail your diet, a bowl of rice coupled with the standard American fare every single day will. White rice is a staple in asian cuisine, which is traditionally low calorie (at least authentic asian cuisine is). It is when it is paired with our high sugar and fat diet that it becomes a problem.

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
10/5/11 4:57 P

I buy boil in a bag brown rice. It cooks for 10 minutes and comes our perfect.

It might not have all the nutrients that regular brown rice has because it is considered instant rice, not long cooking rice.

I can never get rice to cook right so boil in a bag works for me !!

KELLY_R Posts: 3,098
10/5/11 4:03 P

I echo the advice not to make yourself eat it if you can't stand the taste of it, first.

Other things I would suggest:

1. Cook it with vegetable or chicken broth - it helps the flavor tremendously.

2. I've personally found that I do not like some brands of brown rice. I don't know what it is about them, but the typical boxed brands or generic supermarket brands of brown rice just do not taste good to me at all. I'm a HUGE fan of Lundberg rice mixes. My most favorite is their Black Japonica rice. It is extremely tasty.

3. Try a different grain from brown rice if you're looking for a white rice alternative. Give quinoa a try, for example. You could also try bulgur, so long as you don't have wheat allergies.

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
10/5/11 11:04 A

Brown rice seems to turn out best when I cook it in the oven instead of on the stovetop. There are lots of oven brown rice recipes out there. Whenever I cook brown rice, I just Google "oven brown rice" and pick one of the more simple recipes.

KELEKONA Posts: 605
10/5/11 10:33 A

I also had a new idea. If you are using a brown rice with a hull, give it a light grind and soak it in water. I think the hulls should float. The de-hulled rice with the water can then be boiled, pureed, and used as a thickener or an additive to cakes and bread.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,583
10/5/11 10:12 A

I don't like brown rice either and so I refuse to eat it. If I do eat rice which is rarely, I eat jasmine rice

10/5/11 9:47 A

I believe the reason high-fiber foods are considered heart-healthy is that foods that are naturally high in fiber are also high in vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. I think that's the biggest problem with fiber supplements-- I don't believe it's the fiber itself but the other stuff that is included with natural sources of fiber, so taking fiber that has been separated from it's source kind of misses the boat, in my opinion.

SILVERSTAR1975 SparkPoints: (8,846)
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10/5/11 9:16 A

After really comparing nutritional information between white and brown rice... I went back to white. That little extra bit of fiber wasn't worth putting up with the taste and gumminess of brown rice. I've actually put rice in my "treat" category now. I only eat it once and a while.

My husband loves the stuff, which is strange since he usually goes out of his way to avoid things that taste healthy. I just tell him that I wasn't able to find it in the store or it was way overpriced, which is true most of the time.

LAETU5 Posts: 1,405
10/5/11 9:15 A

Then just don't eat rice very often. I eat it very rarely and so I just have jasmine and not worry about the brown being slightly better nutritionally.

The "heart healthy" stuff in grains is fiber and you don't' have to eat grains to get that. I forgot why fiber is considered heart healthy though...I'm guessing because higher fiber foods are processed slower causing less of an insulin reaction. In which case you could get the same benefit from non-grain fibers too.

CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,680
10/5/11 9:08 A

We eat both brown and white rice. White rice can have a place in your diet but you must measure it. A little goes a long way. Brown rice is an acquired taste to be sure. I usually doctor mine up. If we are eating it as a side, I cook it with some chicken broth in it. Depending on what kind of meal it is I might also add seasonings.
For a mexican meal - I add cumin, garlic and cilantro
For an oriental meal - I might add garlic and ginger
For an indian feel - I might add some curry

I have found the best way to start using brown rice is in casseroles, soups, and for the base for stir fries and fried rice. It has a little nuttier flavor than white rice.
I still don't usually use wheat pasta. We just don't care for the flavor too much. I will buy it sometimes.

I didn't know brown rice had a shell? Mine doesn't. Maybe you didn't cook it long enough? It needs to cook longer than white rice and with a little more water.

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10/5/11 8:52 A

I don't really care for rice, so I don't eat it. Don't eat something you can't stomach. That's setting yourself up for failure. There are equally if not more nutritious options out there. Find something you like and you'll be happy and stick with it!

10/5/11 8:28 A

Lots of good advice here so far...I too use my rice cooker and use double the liquid. I almost always cook it in broth with seasonings. We don't eat it very often though.

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10/5/11 8:23 A

I find that if you cover it with enough sauce or other tasty food that brown rice can be choked down. But why ruin all those yummy vegetables, meats and sauces? If you don't like brown rice, just don't eat it! White rice is pretty much just sugar waiting to happen, so you could just avoid rice entirely. Is this a radical idea?

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10/5/11 8:06 A

as someone else already stated, white rice isn't that bad. It's the least bad of the big 3 white carbs: bread, pasta, rice.

It's just stripped of the hull, whereas bread and pasta are stripped AND processed to death and enriched with vitamins to replace what was there naturally.

DLINDLEY91 Posts: 24
10/5/11 7:57 A

To be more specific, I read somewhere that you need to cook brown rice for 45 minutes to get it done, which is much longer than white rice. In my rice cooker, I find that double the usual liquid to rice ratio does this fairly well. I also second the chicken or veggie broth recommendation, and usually add some spices, depending on what I'm serving it with.

10/5/11 7:54 A

if you don't like brown rice, don't eat it! Yes, it's considered "better" but look at the nutritional information on the packages and's BARELY better. Really there isn't a huge difference, just a little more fiber with brown rice. Eat some extra veg with your white rice and you've balance that out.

KELEKONA Posts: 605
10/5/11 7:36 A

I also find brown rice to be too toothy. There might be other brands, but
is the only one I could stand. It doesn't have a shell, and cooks a little softer than barley.

I throw mine in the rice cooker with more water than the package recommends so that it will cook longer. Or I cook it as normal and use it as raw white rice in an oven casserole.

I feel that white rice is still better to pair with delicate vegetable stir-fry. The brown rice seems better when paired with something strongly-flavored and heavy-sauced, like curry, mashed squash, or part of a black-bean tortilla filling.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,331
10/5/11 6:25 A

do be sure that you are following brown rice cooking instructions instead of those for white rice.

secondly, top the brown rice with a spicy veggie curry, stir fry, or something else mixed and flavored [teriykai, peanut sauce], heck, bake it up with some broccoli and cheese.
what do you use white rice in?

QUILTINGB52 Posts: 9,750
10/5/11 5:57 A

Try soaking your brown rice for an hour, drain and then cook as usual.

For extra flavor, I will sometimes cook it in chicken broth and maybe add in some veggies.

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10/5/11 2:06 A

I find that brown rice requires a little more water and a longer cooking time to get as soft as white rice. Once I got the hang of cooking it right, I could hardly tell any difference between it and white rice.

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10/5/11 12:05 A

I think that brown rice has got to be the nastiest stuff ever, but I know that it is heart healthy. I wanted any tips for cooking with Brown rice. Anything to incorporate it into my diet. I love white rice but i know its bad for you. One more thing how do you get the shell off of brown rice. emoticon

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