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6/18/12 12:37 P

I strongly agree with KCOGSWELL726. I've only used one scale in the past 2 years of changing my life, and it never fails me. While there are times that I'm dismayed at the results, I know it's a reflection of how hard I'm working.

KCOGSWELL726 Posts: 58
6/17/12 4:18 P

You could get on 10 different scales and they can say 10 different weights. You need to get in the habit of using the same scale, in the same place each time. I find even with my bathroom scale, if it is moved a couple inches it will read different. Don't get discouraged. Suggestion: buy a bathroom scale for home (a good digital 1 that measures in 10th's) and keep it in the same place. Weigh at the same time wearing the same clothing or even better no clothing to be most accurate. I usually weigh every morning as soon as I get up after using the bathroom of course, without any clothing. That works best for me, but find what is best for you. emoticon

MARIA11X Posts: 532
6/17/12 1:46 A

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the replies, and it makes sense. The scale at GNC could actually be completely off. (I'll just keep telling myself that, lol!)

@TRUELOVE, you are SO right. The competition is fierce! As an NCO and now a new Platoon Sergeant, I not only need to set the example, but I feel like my own career is on the line. It's true what you say, they are looking at any reason, especially PT and weight, to process people out. I've got 13 years in and I have never felt so anxious since after the talk of the draw down. I am almost paranoid not to go to the gym every morning, because I feel like if I miss a day, I will fail everything.

My PT test is in exactly a week. I've been drinking so much water I will probably drown, lol!

Thanks to everyone for the encouragement!

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6/15/12 9:54 A

How do you calibrate a scale?

I, too, notice different scales give me different weights.

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6/14/12 8:18 A


Our weight is not a static number, but more like a vital sign. Just like your blood pressure, heart rate and body temp will vary throughout the day, same is true with your weight. Because our bodies are largely made up of water (the fitter we are the more water we retain), any deviation in our diet, hydration, workouts, even hormones can lead to a shift on the scale.

Remember too, that if a scale is not maintained and calibrated on a regular basis or if the scale is moved a lot, this can account for a variance in weight. Also know that the surface on which the scale is placed can vary the number.

This is why we should never use the scale as our only source of measuring our progress...too many variables can affect the number.

Coach Nancy

TRUELOVE662010 Posts: 282
6/14/12 7:00 A

I notice my scale at home is different than the one at Golds Gym, and different than the one at GNC. My husband weighs in for his PT tests and says that one is higher than the one at home, but lower than the one at Golds. Bottom line - I know PT is being pushed HARD (my hubby is feeling the pain, just like you, just like everyone.) The Army officials ARE using PT scores to force out NCOs and higher ranking officers. (My husband and others have been strongly admonished to improve, even though my husband has a solid PT score and is within Army Standards). BUT, BUT, you sound like you have been working really hard. Im sure you will come in at or under weight. No worries, just keep doing what you do.

I agree with everything the other girl posted about why the weights might be off. In fact, my home scale has a body fat thing. It says I am 37.5%. The Army says I am 30.4% which is exactly what I am at Golds gym. So bottom line, just keep doing what you're doing, and beat on that machine until it gives you your money back. LOL

JUFOME Posts: 89
6/14/12 12:32 A

Couple of thoughts...

Wouldn't it make sense that the scale at the store be higher to motivate sales of weight loss products?

Your weight will fluctuate throughout the day - as you exercise, eat, drink and so on through out the day, your weight will change. That's why it's recommended to weigh the same time each day.

I'd trust the scale at your gym than the one at GNC. The scale at the gym - is the kind you slide the weight across the bar at the top until it balances? If so, you can make sure it's perfectly zeroed out.

Hope this helps. Wish I could give you the 50 cents back.

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6/14/12 12:22 A

SO yesterday I was at the mall, and passed by GNC, they had a digital scale outside the store. I decided to weigh myself. I had my trainer at the gym weigh me the day before on the scale at the gym, but theirs is the one that has those little weights you move around, and I wasn't sure how accurate they are.

So I put my 50 cents in, and the GNC scale weighed me 8 pounds heavier than the one at the gym. 8 pounds! It can't be right. I know I have been losing. I've cut way back on my eating. I can see that I have lost a lot, and I feel it. My clothes are almost falling off me. I am starting to panic, because I have to weigh in next week at my fitness test for the military, and I CANNOT be overweight. It's not an option, I just can't, I'll be in so much trouble! I've been going to the gym every day for at least an hour, sometimes 2, for the past month.

I think GNC's scale is broken! I want my 50 cents back.

How could there be an 8 pound difference in one day?!

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