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KELLIEBEAN Posts: 6,823
11/6/12 6:16 P

Welcome. It can be scary starting on a new journey. It sounds cliche but you really have to take it one day at a time. Lots of baby steps add up to something incredible.

It's like when I started learning to ride a motorcycle three years ago. I went through the course, got my license then my husband kept taking me out to keep improving my skills. Anytime I said "I can't" or "I'm scared" he would be very firm with me to lose that from my vocabulary.

You have to do that with any challenge, no "I can't"! Tell yourself "I will!" and if you have a bad day, convince yourself "you will" tomorrow!

Lean on everyone here. There is an excellent support system here! emoticon

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11/6/12 4:25 P

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ABRANNEWME2014 Posts: 51,125
11/6/12 4:24 P

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11/6/12 2:44 A

emoticon Welcome to Spark. You have taken an important step on your journey by joining!
I've been a member almost 3 years. I made fantastic progress and lost 100 pounds in the first year BUT I became careless about nutrition and exercise and have gained a lot of the pounds back! I became disgusted with myself and closed my Spark account, but soon realized I NEEDED to be here. I'm back using the nutrition and exercise trackers now - they are so important. The sense of community and the friendships I have made here keep me going!
Explore the site, make your Sparkpage if you haven’t, join teams, and make friends. You will find this site an amazing place full of encouragement, inspiration, advice, and support.
Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with.
Good luck!

MRE1956 Posts: 9,360
11/5/12 5:49 P


SMILLER254 Posts: 20
11/5/12 4:20 P

I am so reluctant to travel down this road to healthier living because I don't want to fail again. I keep hoping that one day I will have the resolve to do this and keep doing it. I have taken the first of many steps today. I am very shaky and afraid and I'm not sure how I'm going to overcome some pretty serious obstacles, but I am here. I know myself too well to think I will be perfect every day, or to just go "cold turkey" on things like beer, but I will keep my eyes and ears open and take success one teeny tiny step at a time. I'm not getting any younger, and I want to live for a while, so I need to do this. Time will pass whether I get healthy or not, and I will be much better off a year from now if I get to work now.

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