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2/10/13 8:09 A

I got a Sous Chef, sort of for Christmas, but ordered it myself once I had done the research and decided what I wanted. It arrived just after Christmas, but, since hubby and I had decided that we'd choose what we wanted, WHEN we wanted, that was irrelevant.

It took quite a while to decide which to get, because I was originally going to get a KitchenAid FP. The reviews were not as good as I expected them to be, so I went with this one.

Ordered through and it arrived safely. I was so delighted. It worked so wonderfully. There is another part available (soon) that aids in shredding cheese, if you need that process (this one doesn't recommend that you do that with the attachments provided, although consumer reports said it worked just fine for it). I wouldn't want to void the warranty by doing something wrong, though.

So, they put me on the list for the new part; no questions asked.
A little later, I sent them an e-mail because I heard something rattling in the motor section. I asked them if I should be concerned, and they immediately replied to ask me information, and give me instructions on how to return it directly to them - so they could provide me with a replacement.

What service, what a company.
I am so amazed that someone in this age of throw-away addresses issues so well.

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