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6/28/13 9:56 P

Okay - I have normalized at 223.6 and I feel much better.

However, I get constant nausea on and off the day. Am thinking of eating some ginger cookies soon and some REAL ginger ale to help me out.

and am not exercising as much because exercising in the heat, with windows closed because we have NO screens, is really hurting me bad.

its sooo hot and the heat is set at 60 or below.

and housing REFUSES to put screens in so far.

soooo hot.

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6/24/13 2:56 P

thank you. I weighed myself at 224.5 today so upping my protein might help rebalance my weight. been eating too many UNDERPROTEIN sandwhiches. lol

for me summer is harder to get my food in with my kidz trying to eat all my food. its highly stressed and because they have autism and are runners, we're sort of stuck in the house.

Winter is most definitely easier for me.

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6/24/13 7:28 A

You have done GREAT, so GIVE YOURSELF CREDIT. 25# RELEASED is wonderful.

I find releasing weight in the HOT WEATHER is easier and I don't want to eat like I do when it is cold outside and I want hot food like stew. No heavy food in the hot summer.


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6/24/13 1:45 A

It has taken me around 1.5 years to loose 25 pounds which was 10% of my initial weight. Awesome!

I have been in limbo ever since. If I lose weight during this summer. Awesome. If not, I'd be happy to maintain my 221 - 223 pound weight.

so right now - just to focus on maintaining and SURVIVING the remaining 2 months with my kidz lol

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