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5/30/10 6:18 P

Breathing through your nose is generally healthier and better for you, but if your current breathing habits work for you then I really wouldn't worry about it unless you're trying to compete or are having issues.

If you run outsides when it's cold you might want to try switching to breathing in through your nose/out through your mouth so that the air has been warmed up a bit before it hits your lungs.

SKILILY34 Posts: 479
5/30/10 5:48 P

I tried breathing through just my nose because I heard it was better to filter polution and things but I felt like I couldn't get enough air that way.

BRAVE_NEW_ME Posts: 4,252
5/30/10 5:15 P

Personally, I'm of the opinion that if your current style of breathing is working for you, you shouldn't worry about changing it. Personally, I breathe with a combination of mouth and nose during exercise and I would NOT be able to switch to just nose breathing without it having a negative impact on my mid-run breathing abilities.

5/30/10 4:51 P

Oye- I'd never be able to get enough O2 that way! I actually chew gum on my runs and that helps regulate my breathing pretty well- very rhythmic.

RALDIVA Posts: 59
5/30/10 4:23 P

Ouch. I always breathe through my mouth when I run, especially during allergy season! Plus, the act of running in and of itself decreases stress.

Maybe they're talking about pre-running breathing exercises. I could see how that would work.

5/30/10 4:01 P

Thanks for the replies!

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5/30/10 1:44 P

When I had sinus surgery, the doctor said you should get about 70% through your nose when exercising. Every body is a little different but the biggest thing about nose breathing...moistens and cleans air before it hits the lungs.

SHARIJERRY Posts: 1,127
5/30/10 1:40 P

Oh, good, I do a combination so I was a little concerned

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5/30/10 10:05 A

The best breathing for you while running is the one that comes most natural and allows for the best lung expansion which is a combination of mouth and nose breathing.


CATDLK Posts: 738
5/29/10 11:42 P

If I'm going at a manageable pace I breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth. If I'm sprinting at the end of my run to finish up with a better time, I find myself breathing in and out through my mouth.

ELISADEL Posts: 662
5/29/10 11:39 P

I've always heard that you should just get as much air as you can, any way you can get it. Nose, mouth, ears, whatever.

5/29/10 11:26 P

Hi! I was looking up breathing techniques for runners when I found this -

"By just breathing deeply through your nose, you are decreasing your stress and allowing your body to progress physically on its own. " Here -

What do you guys think? For the runners here, do you breathe in only through the nose?

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