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1/5/13 9:05 A

Lean Canadian bacon

1/5/13 8:55 A

I usually have leftovers for breakfast: meat + veggies. If you want a more "typical" breakfast, try a fruit smoothie with protein powder.

LYNN955 Posts: 701
1/5/13 8:36 A

I have to agree with some many of the others. steel cut oatmeal is super filling, add a little fruit and some natural peanut butter.

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1/5/13 8:19 A

Steel cut oats with peanut butter and half a banana, you can use soy milk or almond milk if you have a lactose intolerance. It will cover your complex carbs, healthy fats and protein. Plus it's ultra filling.

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1/5/13 4:41 A

breakfast burrito!

I cook black beans or adzuki beans (enough for a few days, store in fridge, even freeze), then wrap in a low calorie tortilla with some salsa and a little cheese, micowave for 1 minute and its done!

QUERIDAANA Posts: 1,287
1/5/13 4:16 A

Fruit and veggie smoothie with protein powder or soy milk (for protein and calcium).

Tuna (omega-3s), or sardines (omega-3s and calcium)

Quinoa if you don't tolerate gluten. Oatmeal or cream of wheat if you can tolerate them.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,229)
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1/5/13 12:05 A

leftovers from dinner
turkey meatballs
tuna/salmon packet
chicken wings
homemade soups
chili cup

BLYNQI SparkPoints: (7,097)
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1/4/13 11:56 P

oatmeal is a great starter. i like to cut up an apple into it while it's simmering and stir in some peanut butter and then a dash of cinnamon before serving. another one of my favorite oatmeal recipes is using half water, half orange juice to cook the oatmeal, add a chopped apple while it's simmering, and then add in some fresh or pureed ginger when it's almost done.

i also like breakfast hash. i usually eat it with some eggs, but you don't have to. basically mix in some nutritious stuff into frozen hash browns while cooking them in the pan, or fresh (lightly) fried or roasted potatoes or sweet potatoes. i usually do any combination of broccoli, mushrooms, black beans, onions, brussels sprouts, asparagus, or spinach, depending on what i have on hand.

or if in a real hurry, go to the freezer for some whole grain waffles and raspberries. toast your waffles and warm your raspberries for sweet, healthy topping.

1/4/13 10:24 P

Oatmeal or toast with peanut butter
Turkey or veggie sausage
Smoothie with protein powder
Clif bar

KGTTEB Posts: 20
1/4/13 10:21 P

I need some ideas for a good breakfast that doesn't involve eggs or yogurt as I don't eat either. I need protein and energy while teaching all morning! Suggestions?

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