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7/28/10 10:11 P

I eat a egg/cheese sandwich on 100 calorie english muffin with fruit and 1 cup of milk. Or I have 100 cal english muffin with 1T. peanut butter, 100 cal. yogurt and fruit. both of these seem to last the longest for me.

7/28/10 7:10 P

sounds yummy.

Thank you all for your suggestions.

7/28/10 4:49 P

Fast and simple

Breakfast taco

1 cup of combined veggies, tomatoes, red onion, sliced mushrooms, and green chili.

1/4 cup of southwest egg beaters
1 ea mission low balance low carb tortilla
1 tea canola oil

In a sauté pan add the oil, add veggies cook until soft or cooked through
Add egg beaters, scramble until done
put in tortilla
Yum Very good and filling


BOBBYDOO Posts: 45
7/27/10 5:45 P

I am just crazy about the morning star farms veggie sausage patties. The links are icky, but the paties tast so great. I throw them on a thomas's light multigrain english muffin and they hold me until lunch. Yum. emoticon

JUDITH316 Posts: 171,091
7/26/10 1:19 P

Hi Everyone, I eat rice cakes with light peanut butter or light cream cheese, eat fruit, raw veggies and love a fruit smoothie.

Here is my favorite Fruit Smoothie...

Raspberry-Orange Delight

1 banana peeled
1 cup raspberries
1 cup orange juice

Reserve 1 or 2 raspberries and 1 or 2 slices of banana to decorate

Place all ingredients in blender, and blend until smooth..

For a Blackberry Delight Smoothie, replace the raspberries for Blackberries and replace the orange juice for Apple Juice.

Bon Appetite`

7/26/10 5:50 A

emoticon snoopy

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
7/25/10 9:06 P

You can also try a smoothie...very filling !


1 banana
5 strawberries, hulled
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 cup cold skim milk

Combine the banana, strawberries, cinnamon, milk, in a blender; blend until smooth.

7/25/10 7:13 P

emoticon too POOKIEPUP.

Will definitely be experimenting with these ideas. Thanks again. emoticon

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-POOKIE- Posts: 22,518
7/25/10 1:19 P

Canned sardines crackers/toast
cottage cheese blended with frozen berries
scrambled/poached/fried/boiled eggs

7/25/10 1:09 P

emoticon emoticon for your suggestions, will definitely give some of those a try. emoticon

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7/25/10 12:58 P

I really like making creamy bulgur breakfast when I want something fast and filling in the mornings. The best part is that you do the prep the night before, so it's just waiting for you in the morning!

Creamy Bulgur Breakfast

--Put 40g (approximately 1/4 cup dry) bulgur in a microwave safe bowl.
--Add about 1/4 cup fat free milk, and a good splash of sugar free syrup in your favorite flavor (Monin is my favorite brand, way better than DaVinci or Torani).
--Microwave for two minutes.
--When you take it out of the microwave, stir in half a cup of fat free plain yogurt (Trader Joe's ff greek is my favorite).
--Cover, stick it in the fridge, and in the morning you'll have a delicious, creamy, perfectly toothy breakfast treat.

I like it cold, but you could reheat it. I typically use a vanilla syrup and also throw in a half a cup of frozen raspberries and blackberries when I'm microwaving the bulgur.

It's so filling that I typically only eat half at a time. I just wrap it back up and save the rest for later!

Credit for creating this recipe goes to plcm111195 on the Bootcamp Buddies message board (a great board for anyone doing Weight Watchers--way better than the official WW board--and a great source of recipes for anyone doing healthy eating).

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
7/25/10 11:44 A

hard boiled eggs
whole wheat toast with peanut butter
omelets with veggies
oatmeal with sliced apples with cinnamon

7/25/10 6:57 A

emoticon I posted a messge for help with breakfast ideas so time ago but have not been able to find the link.

If anyone has any breakfast suggestions that don't involve cereal I would be grateful. emoticon

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