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I used to take a half an English Muffin(whole wheat) with Cheese and Tomato slices....or Cottage Cheese. Lately I've been eating the Dannon Light Greek Yogurt. Another idea is a Whole Wheat tortilla Breakfast rollup....filled with whatever you like (leftovers!)

You didn't say how many carbs you are trying for...but you can certainly just adjust the serving size of the oatmeal down to a more reasonable value. If you've been using the packets, try just taking some Old Fashioned Rolled Oats. They cook almost as quickly--I like mine almost 'crunchy'....! Toss them in a cup with just a bit of boiling water, and let them sit a few minutes.

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How about taking some eggs, and either scrambling them in the Microwave. I have scrambled eggs with plain, unsweetened yoghurt, too, and that can be really nice. You could also lightly grease the inside of a microwavable cup and break an egg into there and microwaving it. Sort of like a cross between poached and fried. Get some cottage cheese and have with it and a piece of fruit.


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I portion out some greek yogurt (usually 2%, sometimes full fat), frozen berries, and granola into a tupperware the night before and then mix it together once I get to work. It keeps me full from 8-12. I find that higher fat content tends to keep me fuller longer.

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Hi! If anyone has any suggestions for breakfast, I'd love to hear them! Specifically, I'm looking for low-fat, low-carb, portable options...I have access to a microwave at work, and that's usually where I eat breakfast mid-morning. I usually eat oatmeal, but that's pretty high in carbs.

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