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1/8/13 2:45 P

Oh, and if she is starving by lunch time, make sure she gets significant protein and a little fat with breakfast. My kids are bad at grabbing only carbs and fruit at breakfast, which just doesn't keep you full for long. They're sick of me asking "where's your protein?" when they get something to eat.

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1/8/13 2:42 P

My 17-year old usually has a string cheese, an apple or pear, a few slices of lean lunchmeat, and a handful of almonds for her breakfast. She's always in a hurry and can grab those things in just a few seconds and head out the door.

I also sometimes make ahead a bunch of breakfast sandwiches for everyone - whole wheat mini bagels or english muffins, a slice of reduced fat cheese, a turkey sausage patty. I'll make a bunch on the weekend, put them in single-serve zipper bags. They can be microwaved in a minute or minute and a half.

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1/8/13 12:04 P

I didn't read all the replies, so I apologize if this has been mentioned.
But is she able to have a snack between breakfast and lunch? I assume she's in something thats easily stored in a purse or locker...maybe a granola bar or piece of fruit, or even a pb&j?

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1/8/13 11:11 A

Does she like waffles? There are some pretty good whole grain waffles on the market. I like the Kashi frozen waffles.

Add some fruit and a little protein. Maybe a glass of milk, almond or soy.

Or maybe a bagel. A Lenders or Thomas's bagel with some neufchatel cream cheese. Do you think that she would try smoked salmon or some other type of protein on her bagel.

Or those items on toast.

She doesn't like peanut butter. Maybe she would like almond, cashew or sunflower nut butter.

When I was fifteen my mom was in the same boat. I was so picky. Trying to remember what I ate.

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1/8/13 10:15 A

Can you try to get her interested in helping cook some stuff? You mentioned that she says nothing sounds good-- a lot of times, kids are more interested in eating things they've actually helped prepare. Like maybe y'all could try baking muffins. There are a zillion different kinds of muffin recipes out there. Or quick breads. Or different kinds of pancakes, with fruit or nuts in them.

There's a few minutes in between each class at school--she could eat a muffin or something (peanut butter and saltine cracker "sandwiches", a granola bar) in between classes. Sometimes kids aren't that keen on breakfast, but if you've got something easy to pack and easy to eat between classes, maybe she'd be ready to eat after her first class of the day.

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1/8/13 10:01 A

"Cereal, Toast and Peanut butter and Bananas, Yogurt and Granola and bananas, breakfast sandwhiches - none of it works......"

What do you mean by this? She doesn't like these foods or they don't keep her full?
Eggs are quick and easy. I scramble 1 egg with 1/2 cup liquid egg whites (~3 egg whites) and it keeps me full until the next meal. You could also pack something for her to snack on between classes mid-morning.

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1/8/13 8:59 A

15 is old enough to make it herself! Get some of the precooked bacon. She can nuke a couple of slices, toast up some whole grain bread then scramble (on the stove or in the micro) a couple of eggs for herself. I bet that whole process would take less than 10 minutes. I find oatmeal to be pretty filling, especially if you add a few egg whites after cooking it. I use 1/2 cup of oats, 1 cup of almond milk, add some vanilla, maybe a bit of sweetener (usually Splenda or brwon sugar) and cinnamon or pie spices. When it's done, I stir in (really good, so they don't scramble up) some liquid egg qhites (around 1 eggs worth, usually 2-3 T). You can add in fruit or syrup or nuts or yogurt or whatever.

Can she have snacks at school at all? Perhaps try sending a fiber bar or protein bar or a baggie of grapes or nuts or something for her to munch on a passing period before lunch.

edit: Just saw your post about making her own breakfast. So, I like the idea of the make on the weekend things that are easily reheated. I still think my above suggestion, even if it's you making it, would work. It doesn't take a ton of time.

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1/8/13 8:06 A

Apologies for contributing to your exasperation. I was just attempting a friendly suggestion, no criticism on you was meant.

I just remembered that one of my friends does this thing every morning where she cuts up 2 or 3 pieces of fruit, adds them to a huge bowl of muesli and yogurt and goes to town. She just likes her big breakfast, I guess.

From what I understand, not everybody seems to have the same kind of metabolism, but I find if I eat mostly carbs at breakfast I'm ravenous later. So I try to throw in an egg. Actually, I hard boil eggs and throw them in a lunchbox for a sort of mid-morning snack. Also nuts or even an apple if there's nothing else going until lunch will keep me going. You didn't say whether or not she'd be able to take a snack and fit it in mid-morning, but that really seems like the easiest option off the top of my head. It's not that I don't eat enough at breakfast, it's that there's often too long a gap between breakfast and lunch. An apple and a handful of almonds often does the trick.

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1/5/13 6:57 P

thanks for the suggestions.

i don't want to go into personal details - but sometimes there are other things at play and 15 year olds can't completely funtion like other 15 year olds. there is a reason why i'm still making her breakfast. so please - no one else say "she's 15 and that's old enough to make her own meals." i know no one intends to be hurtful - because it's not like you know what has been going on for her personally.

all i'm looking for here is suggestions for quick and easy breakfast meals that might keep her from being hungry before lunch. i don't need to hear that she is old enough to make it herself....

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1/5/13 6:19 A

This may sound insane, but what if she does her own breakfast once or twice a week? (Or breakfast for her and whoever else is getting up!)

She can do bacon and eggs or pancakes. Scrambled eggs. French toast. Sausages. Breakfast is a snap. Fifteen is definitely old enough to be able to make a meal for others in the kitchen, no? It might be tricky to establish, but if she's into the idea, why not?

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1/4/13 10:31 P

CORTNEY-LEE's suggestion for a breakfast casserole is a good idea. You can make a lot of these ahead and just bake in the morning. Overnight french toast is great.

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1/4/13 10:19 P

what about a breakfast casserole?

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1/4/13 9:49 P

YOJULEZ is right on the money! Cooking in bulk is a great idea and I sometimes do it during weeks when I am tired out and don't feel like slaving every meal for my family.
However, she is 15 and likely more than capable of learning how to make things for herself! My ma had me in the kitchen at 8 years old :)
Does she like sandwiches? There was a while where I would eat a roast beef sandwich or chicken sandwich every morning and it was great!

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1/4/13 4:25 P

Another thought, could you make "breakfast muffins"? Sort of like these:

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1/4/13 4:20 P

Hmm, what about making pancakes in bulk, and then reheating them each morning? That way you wouldn't have to make them every day. Also bacon does really well when cooked in bulk (do it in the oven!) and then reheated, that's usually how I do it since it's a pain to make. You can even do sausages in the oven in bulk as well. Waffles also really reheat well in the toaster. One of my old favorites is a "waffle sandwich" with peanut butter.

Is there a way she can take a snack to eat mid-morning between classes or something? I know for me, I'm never that hungry first thing in the morning, but by mid-morning I'm ready to eat something. Perhaps she's the same way.

Or, maybe she can learn to make pancakes herself? It's not hard and that way you are less responsible for making it for her. If she's almost old enough to drive, she can make pancakes :)

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1/4/13 4:17 P

she actually likes traditional breakfast foods. would love it most if i could make her bacon and eggs or pancakes or cinnamon rolls every day - but i'm not june cleaver and there's just not enough time. part of the problem is that she was recently placed on antidepressants and her appetite is all out of whack. when i ask her what she wants - she says nothing sounds good. or she gets burned out on it very quickly.

i guess i'm looking for new ideas to present to her.

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1/4/13 4:11 P

Sounds like she doesn't like eating traditional breakfast foods. So, why not ask her what she WOULD like to eat? There's no rule that you have to eat breakfast food for breakfast. Maybe she'd be more open to lunch or dinner type foods? I know at that age I liked having peanut butter and honey sandwiches at any hour of the day. I also liked breakfast sandwiches (without egg because I didn't like eggs, just with cheese and sausage on an english muffin) but you already said she didn't like that.

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1/4/13 3:51 P

My 15 year old daughter is a pretty average teen when it comes to most things related to food. She loves Ramen and fast food - but likes real meals and things as well. But she can still be pretty picky (do not suggest cucumbers or black beans or greek yogurt!!). She is a tiny girl - so weight is not an issue. She does have body image issues though. And a tendency to feed stress and anxiety. A whole other story.

Anyway - I'm looking for fast, easy and filling breakfast ideas for her. Something that will keep her going till lunch because she always says she's starving by lunch time. I'm not sure if this is because she's anxious about school or really hungry.

Cereal, Toast and Peanut butter and Bananas, Yogurt and Granola and bananas, breakfast sandwhiches - none of it works......


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