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3/18/14 4:08 A

The necessary evil. I try wholewheat and pitta bread but leave the baguette for special ocassions

3/17/14 11:20 A

This brings up fond memories of my grandparents. They never had a meal without bread on the table. It was Grandma's own homemade white bread, stacked on little plate, eaten with butter or margerine. They didn't eat a lot of meat because it was expensive, and they lived mainly on fruit and vegetables and legumes from their own garden, which they dried or canned or froze for winter use. They ate oatmeal every morning. (Every. Single. Morning. You'd kill for a piece of bacon.)

They both lived to age 99. However, they didn't sit at a desk all day and somehow I think I've already eaten more junk food than they ate in their entire lifetimes, so I'm not sure that confers a long life on me.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
3/17/14 10:56 A

I eat low carb, because the bread causes me to binge, but if you don't feel any cravings, and can eat the proper amount of calories, and are losing weight, then you have no issues with bread.

Enjoy! emoticon

ACHANSO Posts: 1,074
3/17/14 10:27 A

Everyone has certain foods they really like

I would say, if you aren't allergic to it or something, then it is fine in moderation.

A piece of bread at each meal isn't going to hurt you I don't think. It's more about the total calories.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,535
3/14/14 2:02 P

I like bread at every meal. I went low carb for a brief time and I was miserable.

Track it and make sure that you are eating a serving and not the entire loaf

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3/14/14 8:49 A

If a piece of whole grain bread at every meal makes you happy, then you should have it, but if you're eating bread then you probably don't need to be eating pasta or rice or potatoes too. Bread can totally be part of your eating plan, but not in unlimited amounts.

3/14/14 7:50 A

The others have provided some great info on how to include bread in your diet, watch the portion size and having the bread fit within a balanced meal plan.

I took a look at your nutrition tracker to see if I could provide greater insight. I see only 1 recent day of tracking. That day did not contain any bread. It only contained 19 grams of protein and no vegetables.

Was this just an "out of the ordinary day" or would you like some ideas on ways to increase your protein intake??

Your SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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3/14/14 2:40 A

I think what matters is that you are able to stay focused, energetic, healthy, and lean with that meal plan. Personally, I feel much better without bread.

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3/14/14 2:05 A

I eat bread, too - not every day, but most days. What is important is not that you eat it, but that you choose wisely and use portion control, just like anything else.

Carry on enjoying it in moderation :-)


EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/13/14 10:07 P

The important thing is: does it fit into your calorie range? Do you track your calories?

Are you having X pieces a day, and those X pieces put you over by X amount of calories?

I'm just going to talk calories, and not carbs here - which actually could be a different subject all together.

Let's say the bread puts you over by 400 calories a day. You could either:

*Keep eating the bread, and take something else away from your day to stay in range (or reduce portion size of meal you are eating with the bread)

*Find the lowest calorie bread possible so that you don't have to remove as much (perhaps your bread is 110 calories a slice, you could find bread for 80)

*Start reducing the amount by weaning yourself off of some/all of it until you are in range.

But really, it comes down many extra calories a day does the bread add?

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3/13/14 10:06 P

There's nothing wrong with bread, as long as your portions are reasonable and fit into your daily calorie and carb ranges.

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3/13/14 9:32 P

I am Serbian, and I grew up eating bread with every single meal. I didn't really realize the effects it has on my weight until maybe about a couple of years ago. I started eating healthier choices, but I still have to have it with every meal because the meal just does not feel complete without it. Is this terrible? Should I try to cut down on my bread intake gradually?

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